How to make the perfect desi curry?

Let’s discuss those very basic ways to master the art of cooking robust, flavourful and rich gravies

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How to make the perfect desi curry

Indian cuisine is known for its more than perfect curries all over the world. People all over the world too, have been talking about our delectable recipes and swooning over our spectacular gravies. In fact, America, Europe and Dubai have got some authentic desi restaurants too – even I have one of my most prized restaurants, ‘Signature,’ serving the best of Indian cuisine in Dubai. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan, Indian food has something in store for everyone. But there might have been a number of times when you’ve gone to a restaurant and ordered a Paneer Makhanwala or Butter Chicken and wondered, ‘why don’t I get this same flavour in my home kitchen?’ Well, making the perfect gravy is no rocket science. In fact, once you know the basics, it’s just a baayein haath ka khel for any novice too. The masala dabba in our kitchen shelf does half the job for us. So, today let’s discuss those very basic ways to master the art of cooking robust, flavourful and rich gravies in our kitchens.  

Base is important

The base of the gravy is very crucial to get a desired end result. If you’re making tomato-based gravy, make sure to pick the juiciest and brightest red tomatoes. These not only give a good colour to the curry but also a great flavour. Caramelizing onions and then sautéing them can also add some extra points.                                         

Seeds and nuts

Cashewnuts, melon seeds and poppy seeds are some of the most important ingredients in a classic Indian dish. Addition of nuts balances the flavour, thickens the curry naturally without a lot of effort and gives it a rich mouth feel which is worth dying for!

Creamy goodness

The mark of a perfect Indian gravy is that it should be ultra-creamy in texture. While adding nuts and seeds do most of the part, drizzling some extra fresh cream in it will not hurt either.

Add some thickeners

Generally, people use refined flour or corn starch in order to thicken curries. But, using ingredients like roasted gram flour, semolina or whole wheat flour are healthier alternatives to those ‘not so healthy’ options.

Aromatic much?

Unless you’ve got kids running to the kitchen drooling over the beautiful aroma of your curry, it won’t be fun. Desi gravies are loaded with aromatics like garlic, ginger, desi ghee and whole spices. If you’re preparing a ginger-garlic paste, put 60% of garlic and 40% ginger for the maximum flavour. The spiciness can be adjusted according to your choice.

Spice it up

When planning to prepare an Indian curry, make sure to stock your kitchen with some authentic desi spices. Trust your instincts and add them according to your taste buds. Make sure to sauté them on a low flame otherwise they might get burnt.

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