Get rid of dehydration with these simple steps

Dehydration tends to happen when the body loses more water than the actual intake of it. Know more!

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Get rid of dehydration with these simple steps

Tired or sleepy all the time? Don’t feel like doing anything? Feeling lazy 24/7? These are the main symptoms that your body might be suffering due to dehydration. Now, one might think that dehydration is only associated with the intake of water every day, but it is partially true. Dehydration tends to happen when the body loses more water than the actual intake of it. As we all know, the human body is about 75% of water and to maintain that balance, we need to ensure our daily intake of fluids are enough to match that level. Especially in the summer season, our body sweats a lot and that’s one of the imperative reasons, one must increase the water intake during the season. One should make sure to give the amount of water that the body is asking for.  

Common symptoms of dehydration

  • Always thirsty
  • The feeling of a dry mouth
  • Feeling dizzy or a headache
  • Skin tends to become dry
  • Not peeing a lot or dark coloured pee
  • Sleepiness or frustrated all the time

How can you prevent dehydration?

  1. Be attentive: Your body needs your attention. Keep an eye for any of the above symptoms. If you’re feeling low on energy or irritated without any reason, drink a glass of water and calm yourself. Your body is trying to communicate that it needs water. Try to listen.
  2. Keep a check on your urine: First off, when you drink loads of water, there’s always the possibility of you peeing a lot. If you don’t, then either you don’t pee at all (almost) or the pee is dark yellow in colour. Research says this is the most common sign of the body being dehydrated. Better keep a close eye on your washroom habits
  3. Forget the daily count: Drinking 8-10 glasses a day is what is recommended by the internet. But, when there’s a dire dehydration situation hanging around, forget that count and drink on. Drink when you feel thirsty and when your mouth becomes dry. Don’t count!
  4. In sickness and in health: It is recommended to drink more and more water when you’re sick, maybe suffering from high fever, diarrhoea or constipation. At this point, the body loses more fluids than usual, so it’s important to drink more water in order to maintain the balance.
  5. Workout needs more: When you’re following a regular and hardcore workout regime, you will notice that your mouth becomes dry more than usual. This is because of all the sweating. Try to increase your fluid intake if you’re a fitness freak. Infact, it is said that athletes should drink more water too.
  6. Not just ‘water’: As we said, it is not necessary that you only associate dehydration with water. Increase your intake of foods which are high in water content and make sure to consume them throughout the day in order to meet your daily fluid goal. Foods like berries, watermelon, cucumbers, celery, yogurt, grapes, lettuce and more help in rehydrating.
  7. Set a reminder: If you’re one of those people who forget to drink water, set a reminder. There are a lot of applications which help you remind you to drink water and reach your goal. Once you develop a habit, then your body will act as that reminder constantly.
  8. Coffee and tea: Apart from water, coffee and tea can also help in rehydrating when consumed in moderation. Drinking these can help you get energized due to the caffeine present in them. But you have to remember, moderation is the key, otherwise, it might lead to dehydration.

Pro tip if your body is dehydrated: Avoid any consumption of alcohol. Don’t skip meals. Skip on sugar and aerated beverages.

Drink water and stay hydrated! :)

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