A delicious seafood voyage!

Nei meen varuval of Tamil Nadu to Shorshe Ilish of Bengal and the famous fish curry of Goa.

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A delicious seafood voyage

Well, we all must have heard about Chinese and Thai seafood but you know which is the third-largest country to export fish, it’s none other than “hamara desh, Hindustan”. India is also the third most popular country when it comes to seafood. From nei meen varuval of Tamil Nadu to Shorshe Ilish of Bengal and the famous fish curry of Goa, Indians are super fond of seafood. Everyone knows that India is the land of Spices. Rightfully, we Indians can make anything out of everything, from sweet, sour, savoury, you can see every variety of seafood on this land and each state has their own version and traditions to prepare these delicacies. Whether it’s a soup, snack, starter, curry or rice, seafood can add a great kick to your menus. Though seafood tastes heavenly, they also have plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your body. 

We’re here to take you on a virtual trip to India exploring popular seafood recipes. How can you not like seafood, especially after sailing through these fa-sea-nating recipes? Take your favourite pick! 

  1. Bombil Fry of Maharashtra 

When we are talking about seafood how can we possibly miss out on Bombil fry or Bombay duck out of the menu? Mumbai has its own charm of piquing interests in its food, especially seafood. Bombil fry is such a dish that will sway everyone’s and anyone’s heart with its crispy texture on the outside and softness on the inside!

  1. Chingri Macher Malai of Bengal 

Chingri exactly translates as prawns in Bengali and this is one such delicacy which you can never find its apt or same replications in any other state. The creamy coconut milk and cashew nut gravy filled with marinated prawns has a subtle yet classic taste to it. 

  1.  Meen Pollichathu of Kerala 

God’s own country has its own enchantment when it comes to food and how can you not expect a coastal state to replenish you with some mouth-watering seafood? This shallow fried pomfret, marinated in coconut and spicy mixture wrapped in the banana leaf will definitely give you the aura and aroma of Kerala. 

  1. Chettinad Fish Fry of Tamil Nadu 

When you hear Chettinad dishes, only one thing pops into everyone's mind and that is the red-hued dishes with the explosion of spices. The list of spices used in this one dish is more than enough to tell you how much Tamil Nadu loves to add spices to their creations. This surmai fry drizzled with some lemon juice and garnished with coriander is just art with perfection! 

  1. Stuffed Goan Mussels of Goa

Goa can be famous for its hippie culture, booze, parties and nightlife but without seafood Goan culture is just incomplete. A simple Goan fish curry can do wonders to your regular meal and these mussels cooked in recheado paste then served hot can transport you to a food heaven instantly!