6 reasons why you should eat plenty of plums

With zero saturated fat, just about 45 calories, per 100 grams and more than 80 different types of n

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6 reasons why you should eat plenty of plums

With zero saturated fat, just about 45 calories, per 100 grams and more than 80 different types of nutrients plums should definitely be a part of your menu this season! Take a look at the umpteen benefits plums give you and make sure you pick up these juicy delights on your next shopping session.

Cancer fighting antioxidants

Plums are a beautiful crimson colour and just like other natural food with that gorgeous hue they too are loaded with antioxidants. Anthocyanin, beta-carotene and a horde of other antioxidants present in them help prevent cell damage, get rid of cancer causing free radicals without harming the healthy cells of the body and prevent the formation of new cells particularly well in cases of breast cancer.

Cures tummy troubles

High in fibre and pigments like sorbitol and isatin that are required for good digestive health, plums really are the solution to most of your tummy troubles. They help in faster breakdown of carbs, proteins and fats, ease digestion and are a great to prevent constipation.

Controls cholesterol

An average sized fresh plum contains about 100 mg of potassium which is a mineral that helps manage blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels and prevent stroke. It is also a great low calorie energy source that won’t spike up your blood sugar levels. They contain chlorogenic acids, quercetin, and catechins which help prevent obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and other related problems.

Slows down signs of aging

Plums are a storehouse of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and K which collectively protect against several infections and viruses. As a result eating plums has a very positive effect on your immunity, vision, skin and hair. It also helps reduce inflammation and age related situation like wrinkled skin and dark spots. 

Promotes bone health

Plums are a great source of vitamin K which protects against conditions like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and weakness caused by weak bones and blood loss. It also contains good amount of copper and Vitamin C which aids in the absorption of iron – an essential for strong and healthy bones.

Great for pregnant women

During pregnancy what women the most is to maximize benefits from the food they eat and plums are clearly a great source of all round nutrition. The vitamins and minerals present in them help relieve several common pregnancy related problems like low immunity, giddiness, hemorrhoids, constipation, bloating, fatigue and muscle contractions.

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