Christmas and New Year 2023 : The Season to be Merry

An article on the festive foods of Christmas

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  Christmas and New Year 2023 The Season to be Merry

                               Christmas and New Year 2023 : The Season to be Merry

                                              Christmas baubles and ornaments,

                                              Candles, lights and gifts,

                                              Christmas treats and feasts,

                                         As friends gather and wine flows,

                                       May the Days Ahead Be Filled with 

                                      All the Joys Your Hearts Can Hold! 

                                      Warm Wishes for A Joyous Christmas!

The most-awaited of the year-end festivities, Christmas, is just around the corner. Tell me honestly, apart from the holiday and vacations for a few lucky ones, what does Christmas mean? Food, right? And specifically cakes, puddings, roasts and casseroles. No matter how many varieties of foods we try, the traditional recipes always have a charm of their own.  

So here’s a list of some of these Christmas dishes that we absolutely must have.

Christmas Pudding

A little booze in the pudding. Think Christmas and what comes to mind is a dense pudding, like this Christmas Pudding. An elaborate, rich pudding with spices, nuts and alcohol makes this pudding a super delicious and a favourite among all delicacies prepared on the day. Indeed a labour of love, as it is steamed for seven hours. Not just that, it is to be reheated at least two hours before serving. Really, the warmth of a Christmas Pudding perfectly sums up the winter vibe.

Christmas Macaroons

All things Christmassy, so ought to be our macaroons too right? Meaning bright red and snow white. How do we make this possible? We bake red-coloured macaroons, pipe white chocolate on top and a cream cheese filling between the macaroons. Look just right for the joyous season.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies

In the true spirit of Christmas, the gingerbread cookies are a real ode to the winter festivities. Shaped like a Christmas tree, these gingerbread cookies will delight the kids for sure. You can adjust the ginger powder depending on the age-group of the kids. For the adults, this will be a welcome change from the sweet dishes doing the rounds. With the white chocolate garnish and sprinkles, the cookies are a great treat.

Creamy Chicken Casserole

Succulent chicken pieces cooked in piquant mustard with mushrooms, topped with cheese that then goes into the oven. Another 8-10 minutes and there you have it, a delicious, creamy preparation. Much needed as there will be lots of sweets coming. You can increase the fiery quotient with the mustard and call it the fiery creamy chicken casserole.

Christmas sure is a wonderful way to bond over great food with family and friends. We have just shared some amazing recipes that you can cook. Merry Christmas and Bon Appetit!

And Wish You All a Prosperous New Year too.