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Summer Pickle Special: Add a Tangy Twist to your Meals

Picklin’ it right, since the beginning! 

It is the small things in life that makes a human happy, like opening a pickle jar. Pickles are popularly known for their heartiness, health benefits and delicious taste. Did you know that pickles appeared first more than 4,000 years ago? It was a result of the ancient Mesopotamians soaking cucumbers in an acidic brine in order to preserve them. Henceforth, it had been a staple in various cultures across the globe. 


Interestingly, pickles were officially brought into picture by Christopher Columbus. The idea behind it was that alike many other explorers, he was fond of travelling and had to survive through long journeys, pickles came to his rescue for the same and they also helped to evade the scurvy disease. On the other hand, pickles in India had been classified into 3 basic types: the ones which were preserved in vinegar, some in salt and the others in oil. Traditionally, oil has been a more popular and prevalent medium used for pickling. Once it is preserved, the pickled food does not need refrigeration, therefore it travels well. Hence, it makes an ideal food for long-distance journeys.


Pickles for a pretty present! 

Our childhood vacations are formed of helping our grandmothers making achaar. Which included choosing the right set of ingredients for a certain type of pickle and then going through the entire pickling process. The ceramic jars, also called barni, were filled to the brim with fresh pickles and sun-dried for days for the flavours to mingle the best possible way and finally become a delight that would put chaar chaand to our meals! That’s the kind of nostalgia we are talking of – sometimes sweet, bit spicy and tangy too! 


As pickles travelled through time, they garnered more and more popularity amidst all, binding all classes, genders and sections of the society alike. Today, we can’t imagine a life sans pickle –  our office lunch box wouldn’t have been complete without it and our dishes won’t taste the way they do, without their awesomeness! 


Now that summers are in full swing, along with everything served on our platter, there’s one quintessential dish that takes our taste buds on a joyful ride! And we cannot not give the pickle, it’s due credit! Always adding real meaning to our lunches and dinners and without it, they would just be incomplete. That’s what pickles are all about. 


Did you know? 

  1. Shakespeare was the one who first introduced the phrase “in a pickle” in one of his plays. 

  2. Pickles are believed to be a great source of managing the acid levels in the body.

  3. Once, Napoleon had offered a hefty momentary prize to a person who could find the best way of pickling in order to preserve food for his troops.

  4. George Washington was an ardent pickle fan and had a collection of more than 400 pickle varieties.

  5. One can hear the crunch of a good pickle at 10 places.


With summers coming in full swing, it’s an ideal time for canning and preserving. The warm weather fruits and vegetables are the best ones for pickling, keep them stored for a prolonged time and enjoy meals with minimal efforts. And we thought why should you feel deprived of coming across with these summer special bouquet of pickles. So, here are some easy pickle recipes that you must consider to add that extra zing in your meals! 


1) Mango Pickle

The original love is eating grandma’s pickles, that definitely has to include aam ka achaar. This pickle is easy and can be prepared instantly. Do give it a try!

Shelf Life: Approximately 1 year.


2) Fresh Green Chilli Pickle

Wish to eat something finger-licking good every day? Then, this pickle shouldn’t be missed at all. It is no rocket science to prepare this one. It’s easy-peasy, flavourful and will aptly spice-up your taste buds! 

Shelf Life: Up to 2 months, depending on how it is stored.


3) Amla Pickle

This pickle is a true tongue tickler with a sour taste. If you’re having this one, stay rest assured that you are blessing your body with all the amazing positives – that’s amla for you! 

Shelf Life: Approximately 6 months to a year.


4) Drumstick Pickle

Cooking is love made visible, and this pickle is a proof to that! Its aromatic, flavourful and the best way to preserve this seasonal vegetable.

Shelf Life: Approximately 1-2 months.


5) Lemon Pickle

This ain’t a season special, but, definitely one of the most loved one! We say, you should have a nimbu ka achaar on your kitchen shelves, at all times of the year. 

Shelf Life: Approximately 1 year.

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