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Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vinayaka, Vighnaharta, Siddhivinayaka or with each of his 108 names, will remain much loved and special in all his avatars. Traditionally worshipped as the God of auspicious beginnings and the one who imparts wisdom and intellect. From modaks to the mouse, each and every aspect related to the ‘Elephant God’ has its own significance. 


‘Gana’ means a group/the attendant of Lord Shiva and ‘pati’ means the ruler/leader. Hence, Ganpati means the ruler. Followed by ‘Bappa’ which means father/the lord. Here’s a story that tells the significance of the word ‘Morya.’ 

In the 14th century, Lord Ganesh was approached by a devotee named Morya Gosavi. Seeking his devotion, Lord Ganesha, appeared in his dreams and granted him a wish. However, Morya didn’t wish anything materialistic instead wished to be granted his name to be connected with the lord for eternity. The Lord declared that with every chant devoted in his name, the word ‘Morya’ will be followed. However, it is a combination of ‘mhore’ and ‘ya,’ that together mean ‘please come forward and bless.’ 


This year we have been saddled with the pandemic, so our way to worship lord will be quite different. However, keeping the spirits high let’s open the beautiful book, where chapters about Ganpati are written with golden ink. Read along to know about the significance of each of his body part. 


  1. Head

The big head signifies the ability to think and analyse. Gathering all the information together and contemplate to what is achieved out of it.


  1. Trunk

The trunk symbolizes being wise, thinking through and to have a clear judgement of what’s good and what’s bad. Additionally, be able to resolve the problems faced from the outer world.  


  1. Ears

Large ears signify the importance of listening and gathering knowledge. Listening well means learning and thinking, acting and living wisely. 


  1. Belly and mouth

The ability to digest all the gained knowledge and process of what is right or wrong. However, if the knowledge doesn’t get digested, our actions will not match the knowledge.


  1. Tusk 

The broken tusk indicates the power to avoid the wrong, know what’s right and do exactly that. 


  1. Hands

  • The hand holding the lotus symbolises enlightenment. 

  • The hand holding a hatchet symbolises enlightenment achieved by detaching oneself from the material world. 

  • The hand carrying the sweet implies the gains reaped by practising good deeds.

  • The hand with a blessing pose is where Ganesha blesses and protects us from all obstacles. 


  1. Foot on the ground

Did you know why Ganesha is always depicted with one of his foot on the ground? While the other rests on his knee? This is because the one who is an enlightened person always stays grounded without any materialistic attachment in his/her life. 


  1. Mouse 

The mouse depicts desires and controlling it is the aim. With this thought in mind, it is believed that an ideal individual should master his senses to enjoy his existence in a complete way. A person who possesses such qualities comes close to both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and of course Lord Ganesha too.


Ending with a bouquet of lovely modak recipes that will literally turn your festivities all the more special. And as you’re spending more time with your family and loved ones this year, make sure to share these delicious treats with everyone! Hit on the following link for the recipes of some of the most divine modaks. 


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