Celebrating The Warmth Of Classic Indian Teas

The Indian cuisine features a variety of teas ranging from Masala Chai and Gudwali Chai to the traditional Kashmiri Kahva! Each one showcasing its charm making it the chai-loving nation's top favourite.

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Every morning, just as the rising sun casts a rosy hue, my heart longs to hear the call, “chai ready hai!” Then, regardless of the day, time, weather or place, my day begins with a warm cuppa tea. Hailing from the chai-loving nation, my love for tea is indispensable. Somehow, the piping hot cup of tea has the capacity to shoo away all the worries in no time. Besides, chai is a lot more than just a beverage, rather, it is an emotion! Unlike the westerners, we Indians vibe on the aroma of freshly brewed garma-garam chai. No wonder why tea has been in talks to become the national drink of India


With a wide variety of teas to choose from, it is safe to say that India is a tea paradise for all the Kadak-Chai fans. So, join me on this journey where I celebrate the warmth of such classic Indian teas.


Masala Chai

First on the list is the quintessential hero, Masala Chai. To make this chai, start off by boiling the chai masala, which is a blend of aromatic spices like cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, ginger powder (soonth) etc., in water along with ginger and tea leaves. Once brewed, add in milk and sugar and serve hot with a side of biscuits. 


Tandoori Chai

Then comes an earthy flavoured tea - Tandoori Chai! This street style tea is technically prepared as usual and then it is poured into a sizzling hot clay pot or kulhad, which is smoked with heated charcoal. When tea is poured into it, tea froths like a volcano and absorbs the smoky flavor, giving it a divine taste of tandoor. Simply serve it hot with pav on the side.


Gudwali/Jaggery Chai

Further we have one of the healthiest and tastiest chai - Gudwali/Jaggery Chai. We all know that jaggery is rich in iron and helps in blood production and circulation, so having Jaggery Chai is a wonderful option. To make this simple tea, start off by adding tea leaves, cardamom, saunf, black pepper powder, and ginger to boiling milk and at the end add jaggery. Once jaggery melts, pour it in glasses and serve the garma-garam tea with biscuits.



Next one is a royal green tea, hailing from the majestic valleys of Kashmir, Kahva. This fragrant tea is infused with flavours of Kashmiri Kesar, Ilaichi, and bucket full of love. Traditionally made in a samovar,  a unique vessel found in almost every Kashmiri household, Kahva never fails to impress anyone. Serve it hot in typical Kashmiri style with a fist full of almonds, and a dollop of honey.


Kashmiri Noon Chai

Lastly comes yet another royal tea from Kashmir, the gulabi chai or Kashmiri Noon Chai. Just as the name suggests, this tea has a unique pink hue, slightly savory taste and a creamy texture. To make this traditional beverage add cardamom seeds, tea leaves, salt, soda bicarbonate, cinnamon and star anise to boiling water, then add milk and allow it to simmer.  Once ready, garnish it with chopped pistachios, dried rose petals and serve hot.


Finally I believe that if you are one of those seeking a unique tea experience, then you must give the above-mentioned stressbuster chai recipes a try!