What can you do to avoid using plastic

Here are some great alternatives to make your life a little less plasticish!

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What can you do to avoid using plastic

There is a lot of rage going on about how plastic is precarious to the environment. This is true and this outburst was much needed. Avoiding plastic can be a big challenge in our lives because we nearly use plastic all day long, everywhere, anywhere. Whether it’s for storing foods, takeaway containers, shopping and other things, it is difficult to cut this material off completely from our daily lives. But, this plastic choked environment has led us to watch out for our Mother Nature before it’s too late!

While we are all experimenting and trying out new ways to substitute plastic in our lives, here are some great alternatives to make your life a little less plasticish!


The first step towards avoiding plastic – get rid of all the plastic bottles in your house and buy a pack of glass bottles instead. They are 100% recyclable without any loss in quality or purity; easy to clean and inexpensive too. You might already be using the glass jars since years for storing pickles, jams, etc. But now it’s time to make a complete shift from plastic to glass for storing water too.

Wood and  Bamboo

There has been a considerable switch from the plastic spoons and forks to the wooden ones, which is an absolute great initiative! Wood is a renewable resource which can be used for cooking purposes easily – say chopping boards, kitchen utensils, etc. Bamboo is also a great substitute to plastic and is highly durable. It can be used to make straws, etc.

Stainless Steel

There was a time when people used only steel utensils in their home kitchens. It is tough, infinitely reusable, easy to handle and is multi-purpose. But with the inception of plastic, people have started shifting to the disposable glasses, plates, cups, bowls etc. which is a huge threat to the environment. It’s time to go back and start the ‘steel’ trend again.

Jute and Cloth

Jute and cloth bags are highly recommended in place of plastic ones. Plastic bags are used since forever even by the sabzi walas to the high-class designer stores. But, if they skip on those or at least minimise its usage, the world would become a much better place to live in. Jute and cloth is inexpensive, has natural fibres and is available in abundance. These are strong enough to carry heavy loads, a 100% durable and recyclable, unlike plastic.So, carry your own earth-friendly bags, next time you go out for some shopping.

A tiny contribution from you, towards nature, can make a huge difference. So, it’s your turn to make a switch from plastic to these great alternatives, making the Earth happier!