Welcome 5 traditional utensils in 2015

Kitchen appliances over the decades have undergone changes and been an important part to dish out we

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Welcome 5 traditional utensils in 2015

Kitchen appliances over the decades have undergone changes and been an important part to dish out well-balanced meal. Undoubtedly, well-equipped appliances have become an intrinsic part of our day-to-day cooking. However, what has stood the test of times are appliances like chakki, chakla and belan, hamamdasta, etc in the world of culinary history. They have conquered our taste buds with their delicious offerings. We bring back such 5 age-old utensils to welcome 2015

Claypots – Food cooked in venerable claypots is not only nutritious, but also lends a distinct flavour. This is exactly the reason for their comeback! Whether you cook meat or vegetables, a perfectly cooked and moist dish is what you will achieve. Besides cooking, you can serve food in the claypot too! Its design, shape, appearance and colour are slightly different from one cuisine to another as per their cooking method. These ancient wares are apt for various cooking applications from boiling soup to stewing noodles, frying and grilling meat and vegetables and more. Another cool thing, clay being alkaline, it interacts with the acid in its food like tomato sauce and lends natural sweetness when you cook in a claypot.

Sil Batta –
The heavy oblong piece of granite – sil accompanied by a flat rough-surfaced batta over the centuries has taken many forms from wooden to marble mortar pestle. But, the granite sil batta is what you must have in your kitchen as they impart an unbeatable rustic taste in your food. You can grind all the wet spices, pulses and grains to make various chutneys and batters for dosas, idlis, pakodas and more. No doubts, grinding seeds, herbs or spices requires a lot of hard work and patience, but complexity of flavours and depth in the dish is what you will get after you add them to your preparations!

Copper Cookware –
Favorite among professional chefs, copper pans seem to have become the rage these days. Besides being a good-looking cookware, it also has benefits like precise heating to the food which delivers an unmatchable taste. The durability of copper pots and pans is beneficial to both commercial as well as home kitchens. Ensure to clean with salt and lemon on an occasional basis to retain its good looks.

Bonti – Despite innovations of different types of knives, graters, peelers and other modern tools, bonti is still making waves in the whole of Bengal. This distinctive Indian cutting tool is a versatile knife used for many applications like peeling, cutting, scraping of the coconut and more. Using this tool needs a real skill as a person needs to sit in a particular posture and hold the tool in a way that it cuts the ingredient properly. A common tool in fish markets!

Matka/ghada –
A water storage cooler has been a household favorite for years now. With various water storage tools, matka has been long forgotten. Besides storing water, you can also store grains and pickles to get the best of flavours. It also believed that the matka was used to make vinegar, from stored sugarcane juice.