Vrat ka Namak- Sendha Namak

Choose rock salt and make a healthy choice for a healthy living.

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Vrat ka Namak Sendha Namak

The only Vrat approved salt- Rock salt or Sendha namak is the most popular in India, but available all across the world. When you talk about the taste, table salt or regular salt is processed and may contain additives. It is finer in texture and quickly dissolves in food. On the other hand, rock salt has larger crystals, a coarser texture and leaves an aftertaste in the food which makes it even better. We have grown up seeing our mothers using rock salt to make foods during their Navratri fasts, but have you ever wondered why it is the only salt that can be consumed during fasts.

Let us tell you why!

First, rock salt is unprocessed; it is the most natural form of salt available. It does not undergo any chemical processes and is mined in underground deposits. For example- dry lakes, enclosed bays in arid regions, etc. Table salt is iodized and evaporated to remove its impurities; hence it is a processed salt.

Second, fasting detoxifies our digestive system. Besides, the religious significance, this is one of the most important reasons which should be considered before keeping a fast. In order to rejuvenate and cleanse our body, it is necessary for us to consume foods which are lighter and milder for our system. Sendha namak has excellent cooling properties; it is low on sodium and helps in balancing the electrolytes of our body which are usually depleted when you are on a fast.

Some other health benefits:

In this modern era, every individual is stressed, even about the tiniest things in life. So, this tiny ingredient is here to help. Sendha namak helps to relax our body and mind both and if you consume it regularly then it may also help in treating depression and anxiety.

Weight loss: No matter what our weight is, we all want to lose more weight and sendha namak can help. It contains essential minerals like iron and zinc which regulates the insulin levels in our body supressing our cravings for sugar. Hence, you consume less and less sugar which in turn promotes weight loss.

Helps in treating respiratory problems: The problems of migraine, sinus and edema can be easily treated with the help of this miraculous ingredient. It can help wonderfully in prevention of any muscle pain and ear or nose pain. Gargling with Sendha namak and hot water can cure a bad throat within minutes.

Clearer skin: Sendha namak has amazing skin benefits too. It can help treat acne, clogged pores and black heads. It helps to cleanse the skin better and rejuvenates the skin tissues.

Now you have got enough reasons to swap regular salt with rock salt, even when you are not on a vrat. Choose rock salt and make a healthy choice for a healthy living.