Top 7 reasons why wooden spatulas work

Wooden spatulas once adorned the kitchens of our grandmothers, soon it was replaced with stainless s

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Top 7 reasons whywooden spatulas work

Wooden spatulas once adorned the kitchens of our grandmothers, soon it was replaced with stainless steel and wooden spatulas became a thing of the past. However, there has been a re-emergence of the wooden spatula and here are 7 good reasons why your kitchen should have one!

Did you know the traditional spatulas make a perfect partner for your brand new non-stick pan? Did you know that most chefs prefer cooking with a wooden spatula? Know more.

1. Design: The design of the wooden spoons and spatulas has been honed by professional cooks over the centuries. You will find them in variety of shapes for all sorts of purposes, but useful are the ones that have fairly thin edge, which can reach the bottom of any pan. Their designs make them useful to scrape away all the food without any residues. These don’t scratch the finish of your cookware.

2. Sturdy: Invaluable for mixing, beating and stirring, wooden spatulas are wonderful in the kitchen. Stirring sauces or stock of thick consistency is easier with wooden spatulas there is no fear of scratching the pan. Whether you want to deglaze the pan, toss vegetables in a stir-fry, flip pancakes or scramble eggs, wooden spatulas should be your first choice. 
3. Cooking benefits: Wooden spatulas won’t change the taste and flavour of acidic foods such as tomato sauce unlike metal utensils.
4. High heat tolerance: Wood being a bad conductor of heat, these spatulas or spoons remain cool while stirring or mixing ingredients in pan.Even when left in the preparation that is cooking, they can be handled by the cook without burning the hand.
5. Health reasons: The properties of wood make wooden spatulas naturally anti-bacterial. This spatula won’t melt if you rest it on the side of the pan unlike plastic spoons. Food doesn't stick to wood as it has tight pores. 
6. Invest in best: Investing in good quality long handled ladles and spatulas is a good idea even for daily cooking due to their durability rather than using the metal or plastic utensils.
7. Directions to use: Ensure that one should not leave the wooden spoons and ladles soaked in soapy water for long. Wooden utensils should ideally be washed immediately after use and wiped dry. This makes them last longer.

How to preserve your old spatulas
Maybe that age-old spatula looks unappealing and dirty. However, it is possible to extend their lifespan. Did you know that? Bet you didn’t! Here’s how you can give a new lease of life to old spatulas. Boil your spatulas in a pot of water and set it out under the sun for few hours. Or bathe them in vinegar, scrubbing with sandpaper will also do the trick.