Top 5 sizzlers for you

We have got you top 5 sizzler recipes from the Master Chef’s kitchen

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Top 5 sizzlers for you

Don’t you think most of the best things in life come on a plate? Well, that’s how it is for a foodie!  But, come on we all know that if nothing can cheer you up in this world more than the waiter with your ordered food in his hand, your heart just belongs to food and nothing else! But, the title of the most satisfying, comforting, complete and eye-treating foods can be given to ‘sizzlers.’ Because of one simple reason, as soon as you see it, you want to eat it all! Fair enough, it has so much food in one plate that you just feel you don’t need anything else in your life. Truer words have not been said by a so-called ‘sizzler lover.’ But, jokes apart! It’s one of the most versatile dishes which can be easily made at home and you can add whatever you like. But one thing you have to make sure is that the sizzler plate has to be smoking hot while you make one.  

According to us, sizzlers are one of the best things happened in the culinary world and we love it with all our hearts! And that’s why we have got you top 5 sizzler recipes from the Master Chef’s kitchen:

Chinese Sizzler

When you have tried this delicious and flavour-packed sizzler, you’ll just exclaim OH, MY GOD! Yes, it’s that amazing! Made with your favourite ingredients, this dish will satiate all your Indo-Chinese cravings at once!

Mixed Grill Sizzler

This sizzler is pure bliss for the non-veg lovers! Lamb chops, chicken breast and sausages served in a sizzler platter to make sure you eat till the last bite. Try it out, we are sure you will love it!

Thai Sizzler

You can bring the authentic Thai flavours to your home kitchen quite easily with this sizzling recipe. The heavenly taste of Thai green curry paste wafting from the sizzler plate is so tempting that it will be a favourite to almost everybody.

Seafood Sizzler

The best way to make use of the fresh seafood available right now is to make this sizzler at home. Prawns, squids, chopped fish sautéed and served with stir-fried vegetables and some rice is pretty filling, so make sure you have a partner to finish it all!

Gajar Halwa And Sponge Sizzler

Ending our sizzler trail on a sweet note and with the most amazing recipe. A fusion dessert with cake and gajar halwa sizzled with creamy rabdi. This mithai sizzler promises a sugar rush, so be prepared!

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