To the moon and back for sure

Moon diet is the diet where you need to eat according to the moon cycle.

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To the moon and back for sure

Moonlight or moon diet?

Welcome to 2020! There’s a new rage which is the ‘in thing’ amongst Homo sapiens these days. That’s about eating parallel to the moon cycles. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It actually is and we think that some health-conscious souls who were also extremely intuitive came up with this amazing concept. But, let’s enlighten ourselves more about this intriguing idea, first.

Hawaiians and the chaand phenomenon!

Did you know that it’s popular for Hawaiians to consider the lunar calendar for plantation of their crops? They feel there exists a good and bad timing for growing crops which is apparently aligned to the moon cycle. We wonder if they know about these other amazing abilities of chaand!

What actually is ‘Moon Diet’ and how does it work?

With the growing population becoming absolute health freaks and calorie-conscious, there are a lot of diet plans that have come into light in the past few years. Like the popular intermittent fasting, vegan diet, keto diet and many such.

Apart from these, a lot of people took some resolutions this New Year about how they are going to stay fit and lose out on kilos. But, some people give up too soon because of the hard-core dieting and exercising schedules involved. This diet is something which can be considered by this given set of people.

If you don’t want to go too hard on yourself, are unable to follow a strict and tough diet, this one is for you! Moon diet is the diet where you need to eat according to the moon cycle. Vague? Let’s know more:

  • It is said that the best time to start this diet is on a full moon day because it’s the foolproof way to lose weight quicker. During the period of 26 hours, you have to strictly consume fluids and plenty of water. Avoid all solid foods; combine the plan with some of your basic exercises and you can lose up to 3 kgs of weight in one day.   
  • How and why does it work? Science says moon has a gravitational pull on the water bodies like oceans and rivers on earth. And similarly, they also influence human bodies because 70% of the human system is made of water. Hence, when the moon changes its phases, it helps in losing out kilos too.
  • Apart from just losing weight, it also detoxifies the body, helps getting rid of unhealthy and harmful toxins from the body. Once you are just on fluids, it will boost your immunity and regulate your digestive system too.

Though, going on a diet like this does have its own set of consequences too. But, there’s no harm in giving the ‘moon diet’ a try, for once. You may never know; your body might just respond positively to it!