The most loved recipes from YouTube!

We bet you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive list

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The most loved recipes from YouTube

We are exhilarated and super excited to let you know that our channel on YouTube, ‘sanjeevkapoorkhazana’ has crossed 4 million subscribers.  We’re so blessed with your never-ending support, love and warmth. We want this love-affair to go on and on and on for which we have listed down the most loved and viewed recipes from last year.  

We bet you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive list. Hope you keep continuing subscribing and loving the channel like always! 

Protein Salad

Salads seem to be the best thing in this new age era. With people becoming more and more conscious about their health and body, needs are shifting to healthier food alternatives without compromising on the taste too. So, here’s a protein-packed salad made with all desi ingredients. We bet this is going to be your next favourite salad!

Amritsari Aloo Kulcha

There are two types of people in this world - naan lovers and kulcha lovers. For those who are not the latter, we are vouching on the fact that you will become one, once you try out this recipe. Amritsari Aloo Kulcha with a masaledar stuffing, when served with raita and pickle, can treat your taste buds in a way you never imagined.

Roomali Roti

People think that making this shahi roti is not a layman’s task.  This recipe is surely going to prove them wrong! Be it an amateur, a novice or anyone, this Indian flatbread can be made without any fuss. To find out the hidden tricks and secret tips to master it, you’ve got to click on the recipe NOW!

Quick Chicken Biryani

An #AllTimeFavourite for every hard-core biryani lover, but here’s the thing – a lot of people think that making biryani is an elaborative process, but, this biryani is pretty much fuss-free!  We won’t deny on the fact that the best things in the world take time, and one of them is biryani for sure.  Still, give this quick version a try for those cravings that are uncalled for. You’ll love it!

Tomato Soup

Soups have taken a back seat with the number of culinary inventions happening all over the world. But, a true soup admirer will know how iconic THE tomato soup is. This particular soup taught even the fussiest of eaters to sip on a soup at least once. Here’s the classic recipe by the Master Chef himself that you need to try at home.

Milk Cake

This traditional sweet is a must on the day of Diwali. The gooey, rich and decadent flavours of this mithai are going to make sure that it makes it to your favourite list within seconds. People say it’s a little difficult to make it at home, but, this recipe is going to teach you just the right way to make sure you don’t go wrong with it! So, you should definitely go for it.

Dilliwala Butter Chicken

The food enthusiasts might know there’s something special about Dilli ka butter chicken. Rich and creamy with just the perfect amount of spices and succulent pieces of grilled chicken - this recipe is a foolproof way to get the same taste in your home kitchen with minimum efforts. And, if you want a mini ride to the food heaven, you should try this recipe with tandoori or roomali roti (for which we already gave you the recipe).

Quick Chilli Pickle

India is home to an array of pickles which you can enjoy with any and every meal. The pickle person in you might be curious to gorge on this loved accompaniment all the time!  But, sadly, pickles need some fermentation and time to prep. But here’s something different which you might have been looking for, an instant chilli pickle. Jhatpat banao, khao and keep your pickle cravings at bay!