Take care of your wooden cabinets

There is actually no secret to keep your cabinets spick and span. One main point that you should...

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Take care of your wooden cabinets

There is actually no secret to keep your cabinets spick and span. One main point that you should keep in mind is not to use furniture wax on cabinets to shine them up. These not only damage the finish of your cabinets, but also attract dust and grease. Just follow these tricks and you will surely get rid of a heavy buildup of grease on your cabinets:

Clean everyday, regularly

A thorough cleaning of your cabinets very often is not usually required as long as you take the right steps. Make sure that you clean spills immediately and wipe dry, to avoid damaging the finish. Keep dusting your wooden cabinets on a daily basis with a dry cloth. Also, using of the exhaust fan while cooking helps in preventing a heavy buildup of grease on the cabinets. 

Keep removing heavy build-up

A heavy build-up of grease residue is often seen on cabinets. You should avoid using any kind of abrasive cleaners to clean this sort of dirt as it might damage the finish. A simple way to remove grease is to make a solution of half ammonia and half warm water, then dip a sponge in it, squeeze out the excess and wipe the grease. Make sure that you dry it immediately. 

Clean the interiors

The interiors of the cabinets are equally important as the exteriors. So make sure that you clean them every six months. Remove the contents, wipe each shelf with a mild dish soap-water solution and dry with a clean cloth. Then place the shelves back and keep a small jar of baking soda in each cabinet to keep them smelling fresh.

Clean the cabinet hardware

For all those squeaky hinges and joints of the cabinets, you can easily get rid of them by applying a small amount of oil on them and keeping away from products that contain petroleum. Also, using of abrasive cleaners on shiny cabinet hardware should be avoided as they end up giving scratches and dulled surfaces.

Paint the cabinets

Repainting the cabinets is definitely a yes for that extra care. But, remember when you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets, choose either latex or oil. Both of these have their own advantages but if talking about professional painters, they would always prefer oil-based paints as they provide smoother and durable surface. However, one good thing about latex-based paints is that they can be easily and quickly cleaned. Repainting the cabinets also have other advantages like it is the most cost-effective way that you can adopt to give your entire kitchen a great new look.

Cabinet re-facing

Re-facing kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them is a cheaper way for homeowners to get better looking kitchens as a whole. Re-facing not only offers a clean and fresh look to the kitchen area but also helps to keep it up-to-date. Basically, it just redefines the kitchen surroundings. Also, good, clean and newly refaced kitchen cabinets are always more likable by potential buyers, just incase you plan to sell your home!