Stock up on these non-perishable foods this quarantine

by Sanjeev Kapoor

It's been a major rough patch since almost a month now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspite of the need of hour being staying at home and avoid stepping out as much as possible, people are rushing to local markets in order to stock up essentials including perishables and household items. So, it's a good idea to be prepared by keeping enough nutritious foods in the house that will lasts for weeks. Wondering how?

Well, we’ll help you to achieve this. We’ve put up a list of nutrient-loaded non-perishable foods. This will provide your family with wholesome and satisfying meals in these times of global crisis. This will guide you through to prepare meals from different foods all through the day for a prolonged period of isolation. Having said that, try not to overload your fridge with way too many items since a lot of it doesn’t last forever and we believe that you won’t like to waste them either. 

Preparing for the long haul doesn't mean that you have to deprive yourself of eating fresh food. However, some non-perishable foods that last longer than the others will help you evade the need to step out time and again. Also, make sure to check for the expiry date as you pick up stuff off the store shelves. 


Check out the list. 


Peanut Butter 

Peanut is like glue that holds life together! Not an exaggeration when we say this, as peanut deserves every bit of compliment. It’s not just an amazing combination of creaminess and crunchiness, but is solely capable of sufficing one with enough proteins. Just layer some onto the bread and stay rest assured that it will take great care of your gut, bones and muscles. Peanut butter containers also go for a very long time without getting spoiled. A pair or two would be enough for a good amount of time.  


Dry Fruits 

We’ve all grown up hearing, ‘arre beta badam toh khata ja or sun maine badam bhigoke rakhe hain, kha lena!’ It’s not particularly about almonds or any other dry fruit. Yet it’s about the power-packed nutrition value that all dry fruits have. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about finishing it up in one go or after having it few times. Pair your day with any of your favourite dry fruits and look forward to seeing some great benefits. If you see yourself bubbling with energy, feeling full, glowing and are able to fight back illness in no time, then you can give these lovelies their due credit!  

Canned Milk 

The weather presently is harsh and milk tends to curdle in a short span of time. Then what one should really do when the aim is to stay confined to the home boundaries. Perplexed? Well, not anymore as canned milk comes as a rescue. Gone are the days, when people had the myth that canned milk isn’t as good as the fresh one. You will be amazed to know that canned milk not just comes in various flavours, but is also made to benefit in all possible ways. You name it, it has it! Vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, etc. Yes, all of it! Brownie point is that you can consume it as it is, and not necessarily boil before using. 


Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Generally, we try and buy the maximum variety of fruits and vegetables from the market in one go. This is with the notion that we can run the days with different meal bifurcations. But, sadly summer is here and so is its side effects. So, again to keep the kitchen reserve filled, we are bound to step out. How about not missing on fruits and vegetables, with limited stepping out? Yes, this can be made possible with the super nutritious frozen fruits and vegetables that can be stored for a prolonged duration without worrying. Besides, did you really know that certain fruits and vegetables are more nutritious when consumed in the frozen state? 


Lentils and Rice

Needless to say, lentils and rice are comfort foods that are not just easy to cook, but are full of health benefits. The cherry on the cake is that they have a very long shelf life and you can have many meal variations with them. The more variety of lentils you have, the more sorted your life would be. Read: khichdi, pakodas, halwa, pulao, kachori, biryani, curd rice, lemon rice, jeera rice and the list of possible dishes with lentils and rice is pretty much endless! This section of food will also ensure your well-being at the same time. 



Look at the sunny side of the situation. Eggs are a saviour when it comes to boosting the body with ‘n’ number of gains. If you are not up for sweating all through the day in the kitchen yet wish to ensure your family’s satisfaction and happiness tied with food, eggs are there to save you! Again, this one too shows its numerous personality shades, if you are up for some trials and creativity. Omellete, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, egg curry, bakes stuffs, pies and what not! This inexpensive and modest food variant is rich in proteins, vitamin B 2, 6, 12, zinc, iron and copper. So, Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande!


Whole Wheat Pasta

Pasta is one such treat that’s good to have once in a blue moon. With the obvious reasons that we need to break the mundane routine and bring some freshness in. Pasta tossed in a cheesy sauce alongwith some herbs thrown in, is literally heaven on earth! So, why not let this heaven shine in our very homes? Red, white or pink sauces or just go aglio-e-olio, sans any sauce, just with loads of garlic, olive oil and some chilli flakes – the choice is definitely yours! Just keep your pasta packets handy and store ‘em well, for whenever you crave for something fancy, yet, simple, these will be your saviour! 



The pledge that we take of keeping ourselves fit boils down to sometimes ending up cheating with junk meals or desserts. However, how about stocking up on a variety of oats, so that one stays interested while remaining hale and hearty too. This is the best way to keep going without ending up mulling over the fact that you had been compromising on all the good food so far. A mixed meal plan for each day will definitely define your day better and will keep your heart happier. Afterall, oats are high on fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and maintains sugar levels too.



Missing those movie nights with the loved ones? Reap the hay while the sun shines. Wondering, what makes us mention that? Well, while each of us are suffering through the odds, are we even looking at the bright side of things? One of them is the precious time that we are getting to bond with our families and do interesting activities to spend maximum time together. Where, popcorn doesn’t need a reason every time to be a part of your togetherness. It’s as simple as plonking on that comfy couch, Netflixin’ and binging! And go unique by flavouring your tub of popcorn, the way you want – butter, cheese, masala, herby, saucy, etc. Laugh out these moments, as the time that you are getting now will not come again, once we’ll have our working lives going again.


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