Stay hydrated this summer with these high on water fruits

These Juicy Fruits will amaze you with their high on water content

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Stay hydrated this summer with these high on water fruits

With summers approaching, we not just pack those winter memories, but also look forward to opening a new chapter of food experiences and embrace the season for its amazing produce. It’s time to unwind those spirits itching for a vacation, beach time, shopping spree, working out harder to shed that extra sweat, etc. Missing out something? Yes! Indeed, that energy boost required to pump up for all the physical exertion. Honestly, when you have a keen look at the market, you’ll find all those juicy and delicious fruits racked up waiting to be grabbed. After all, fruits not just satiate the cravings but also keep the body hydrated in the rising temperature. We do our bit by consuming a considerable amount of water but that’s not sufficient to beat the heat. Certain summer fruits are not just high on water content, but, have other essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc., that help the body cool in the scorching heat. We’ve got a list for you. Which ones are your favourite? 


When one has tasted watermelon, he/she knows what the angels eat. Isn’t that true! No matter what time of the day it is, it never disappoints any bit. Its alluring red hue is not only a treat to the eyes but its goodness makes it all the more adorable. You must have heard this since your childhood that eating these melons suffices the water requirements of the body. Quite obvious from the fact that 92% of this fruit is made up of water. One of the fruits with the highest water content!  Not just this but it also takes care of your heart, skin, hair, gut, etc. 

  • Sore muscles? Have this, you’ll be fine!

  • Irregular blood pressure? Stay rest assured as it will maintain it most appropriately. 

  • It prevents cancer.


Pineapple is way more versatile than you might have thought, and certainly much more beyond than the pizza topping, pina coladas and a cocktail stick. Of course, besides being loved by all age brackets, especially kids. It’s the best way to satisfy the taste buds and fill in the body with sufficient water and nutrients. Not very far in the race, pineapple consists of 87% water content.  


  • Abdominal ache

  • Sore throat

  • Swelling and bloating

  • Sinus (reduces cough and nasal mucus)

Pineapple has definitely pointy defences, but it’s still sweet. So, just go for it, as it has so much to offer! 



An apple is an excellent thing until you’ve tried a peach! We can say that as it stands neck-to-neck with the other seasonal fruits in the water content percentage. Yes! peach contains 88% water and is a boon to mankind. 

It aids in:

  • Digestion

  • Immunity 

  • Weight loss

  • Eyes and skin protection


As strawberries are undeniably everyone’s first love, sharing its benefits was the most apt thing to do. Inching very close to the watermelon, strawberry possesses 91% water content. Have it any form, this plump fruit will leave you elated in every way! So, next time when you crave for something juicy, colourful, fresh and a nutrition powerhouse, opt for strawberries without any guilt. 

You’ll say ‘I love summer so berry much’ as strawberries bestow the following:

  • Acts as an immunity booster.

  • Keeps your smile intact while guarding the teeth.

  • You’ll be the next ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ as people will perceive you to be ageing backwards secretively. This berry is great at keeping you young. 

  • Gaining weight? Shed those extra kilos with this one.


When you have a bowl full of apricots, stay rest assured that promising things are coming ahead. With 86% of water content, apricot doesn’t top the chart, yet is counted among the star performers. It’s not just enduring orange and velvety on the outside but also juicy enough to keep you well hydrated. So, next time if you forget to have a glass of water or are bored of it, you can always munch on a lovely apricot instead. 

Makes life sorted with its extraordinary health benefits too:

  • High on antioxidants.

  • Treats ear aches.

  • Makes the bones stronger.