Splash all you want – the kitchen will still look clean!

Ever given a thought to the area behind your stove? Place with maximum grease spots right?

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Splash all you want the kitchen will still look cl

Ever given a thought to the area behind your stove? Place with maximum grease spots right? Here we talk about backsplashes that can ease your cleaning problems, but if done smartly, also add to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to use and try decorative and unique kitchen backsplashes with unusual materials that will add a kitchen décor statement and create a conversation piece in the kitchen. The backsplash design which you choose can pull off the other elements of the kitchen together and create a harmony within the workspace.

The basic function of a backsplash is to protect the walls and make the area easier to clean after cooking. It usually catches the splashed up stuff from preparing and washing foodstuffs. So, it becomes essential that while selecting the materials, it should be remembered that a backsplash will get dirty. Thus, the backsplash material chosen should be easy to clean. It is advisable that you choose a material which is easy to clean and will hold up year after year. Also, avoid using materials that would stain and are porous in nature as they absorb the dirt. You can always select a backsplash material which is decorative as well as functional.

Considering how much area you want the backsplash to cover is also an important aspect while choosing one. Backsplashes can be used to highlight one area, cover the whole area along the entire counter, go halfway up from the counter to a cabinet or go all the way with no blank spaces in between.

Tiles, blackboards and corks are some of the old standbys for kitchen backsplashes. Tiles are favourites as they are available in any design, shape or size and you can have custom painted tiles as well to match your theme. These days, the material which works very well for the contemporary kitchens is metal. Thin sheets of metal can be installed as the entire surface from counter to bottom of the cabinets. Metals are comparatively easy to maintain but one has to be careful not to scratch the surface. When using metal, be sure that they match the faucets and the lighting.

Choosing the material for your new kitchen backsplash can be as such daunting. You can consider some materials from the following:

Tile: Various types of tiles that can be used for kitchen backsplashes include glass tiles, metal, natural stone, ceramic, recycled and others. Tiles are very easy to install, easy to clean and look good. Most tiles are both heat and stain resistant. 

Stainless steel: To bring a sleek, modern look to the kitchen, use stainless steel. These are versatile and compliment almost any countertop and are durable and easy to clean. The only negative asset of these is that they are expensive and can be stained and scratched. 

Magnetic whiteboard: To get a cool, contemporary look with a backsplash, use a magnetic whiteboard. This is hardworking and allows you to make notes right on the backsplash wall. 

Chalkboard paint: This is easy to clean and makes a great kitchen backsplash because you can write notes right on the wall.