Side effects of not drinking enough water

Let’s know what happens if you do not gulp down your daily dose of water!

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Side effects of not drinking enough water

Water! Have you ever realized how important this word is in all our lives? Food, water and shelter are said to be the 3 basic necessities of life. More than half of our body is made up of water and to function properly, it is said that we should drink plenty of water every day. Staying hydrated at all times helps you in much more ways than you know. Now, that you know how imperative water is, for the functioning of the body, let’s know what happens if you do not gulp down your daily dose of water!

How much water should you drink daily?

Well, it actually depends on your body type. The weight, metabolism, diet, climate and body composition are some factors that help you derive the right amount of water required for your body. Ideally, it is said that adult men should drink at least 3.7 litres of water and adult women should drink 2.7 litres of water every day.

And here are the cons of not drinking enough water:

Low on energy

When you don’t drink enough water, you might feel groggy at all times. Instead of your daily cuppa of chai and coffee, try drinking water instead. This will not only boost your energy levels but also avoid any dehydration in the body.

Too many cravings

Research says that if you don’t drink enough water, sweet cravings are at the peak. Due to dehydration, all you want to do is grab a piece of cake, eat some candies or have chocolates all the time. Its ok to indulge in these cravings once a while, but too much of anything is bad!

Hungry all the time

One of the most common signs of not drinking enough water is feeling starved at all times. Well, like they say, ‘the heart wants what it wants,’ remember your body wants some things too. In this case, all you need to do is drink one or two glasses of water.

Moody and cranky

There have been papers that suggest that if one does not meet their daily water needs, it is likely to affect their mood making them crankier. It might lead to severe headaches due to a temporary shrinkage in the brain because of loss of water. Next time you are feeling irritated, try sitting down and drinking a glass of water.

Thinking abilities

One of the basic necessities of life is also responsible for boosting your thinking abilities. Our brain is dependent on water too. Even if you’re a teeny bit dehydrated, you tend to lose focus quite easily. If you want to concentrate and be attentive, we suggest you to carry a bottle of water everywhere.

Skin irritability

Drinking adequate amount of water will help your skin to maintain its moisture. One of the easiest and best beauty treatments for pores, pimples, acnes and dry skin is to drink plenty of water every day. Water also helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, hence prevents ageing.

Problems in digestion

Even a mild dehydration in the body can create problems in your digestive system which might ultimately lead to constipation. Water helps break down food in the body and absorb the nutrients. It also keeps the intestine smooth and flexible. If you’re facing any digestion problems, before popping a pill, we suggest you drink loads and loads of WATER!