Peru Paradise

Here are 3 recipes which do total justice to the delicious fruit Peru and can be made in 30 minutes.

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Peru Paradise

Chunks of peru sprinkled with salt and chilli powder always manages to take you back to your childhood doesn’t it? Here are 3 recipes which do complete justice to this delicious fruit and the best part is that they get made within 30 minutes. Take a look.


Peru Popsicles

Amrud ki Sabzi

Guava Kheer

Shopping list

1 litre guava juice

1 small packet of black salt

5 large guavas

400 grams of yogurt

1 small packet of cloves

250 grams of gram flour

1 small packet of dried mango powder

1 small packet of kasoorimethi

50 ml of ghee

1 small packet of pistachios

1 small packet of raisins

0.5 grams of saffron

For faster preparation

Dry roast cumin till it is fragrant and lightly browned. Remove and crush it. Combine the ingredients for popsicles in a bowl. Then fill the moulds with the mixture. Cover and freeze till it sets. For sabzi grind green chillies, garlic and ginger together to a smooth paste.

Chop onions, deseed 2 guavas and cut into small pieces. Make the gram flour and yogurt mixture. For kheer - quarter, pressure cook and puree 2 guavas. Chop the nuts.

How to go about it

Start with the kheer by sautéing the nuts in ghee. Grate guava in it and cook, add the guava puree, saffron and milk, cook and let it cool. Then finish the sabzi by giving tadka and then cooking guava with spices, add gram flour and yogurt mixture, further cook it till the gravy is thick.