Paneer snack recipes

5 delicious snacks you can make with a batch of paneer

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Paneer snack recipes

Paneer or cottage he simplest cheese to make at home and unlike other cheeses, it needs no special equipment or complicated technique. Lemon Juice, vinegar or a cup of whey, a piece of muslin cloth and a strainer – everyday kitchen stuff is all that one needs to turn out the delicious paneer in a matter of minutes. Here are 5 delicious snacks you can make with a batch of paneer!

Patra Wrapped Paneer 

Crumbled paneer, fresh coconut and mild spices mixed together and wrapped in colocasia leaves or patra and shallow fried in mustard oil. The beautiful flavours of this delicious paneer recipe make a perfect snack for rainy monsoon days.

Danish Cheese Balls 

Paneer, fresh dill leaves, chillies, garlic, flour and salt are all you need to make these delicious Danish cheese balls. Soft inside and crisp outside these fried paneer balls are quite addictive.

Paneer Poha 

Pressed rice and paneer sautéed with spices, onions and tomatoes to gives a brand new twist to a classic poha recipe. Best served hot – this one is a nutritious healthy snack.

Homemade Paneer Toast 

This recipe tells you how to make a batch of deliciously creamy paneer and then uses it as a stuffing in crispy toasted bread. Simple and delicious this one is the perfect after school snack for your kids.

Paneer Bhurji Samosa 

Samosas are the perfect snack for any occasion and when these are stuffed with an all-time favourite ingredient like paneer it takes things to another level.