Nutmeg in a nutshell!

Check out these 9 fabulous things about nutmeg that will make you want to use it even more

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Nutmeg in a nutshell

Whether you are using it in a sweet pumpkin pie or in a savory roast, just a little bit of freshly grate nutmeg goes a long way not just to flavour your dishes but also to give you a host of health benefits. Check out these 9 things about nutmeg that will make you want to use it a little more!

Two is company

Nutmeg is actually the seed of a fruit that looks like a peach. When split, the fruit reveals a lacy bright red covering which we know as mace or javitri and inside it sits the nutmeg seed. Jaiphal and javitri may be produced by nature as a package deal but when it comes to flavour – both take different routes.

Keeps you calm

Nutmeg has a slight sedative effect and that’s the reason why it is always used in small quantities and also the reason why eating too much of a dish with it gives you a slumberous effect. A glass of milk flavoured with a spice mix made of cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and sugar will ensure you get a good night’s sleep. This calming effect of nutmeg also helps deal with stress, anxiety, hypertension and depression.

Boosts blood circulation

The high potassium content in nutmeg eases blood vessels, revs up blood circulation and reduces strain on the cardiovascular system. Plenty of iron content can improve your red blood cell count and reduces chances of developing anemia.

Tummy woes, no more.

Nutmeg is something that has plenty of fibre content, even in its powdered form. All that holiday eating that takes its toll on your tummy can be eased with just a pinch of this spice in the food. It also aids the body to absorb nutrients from other food much better than usual.

Nature’s painkiller

Nutmeg is nature’s best painkiller. Essential oil made with the spice will help you get rid of muscle and joint pains in the most side effect freeway. Applying the oil on the affected area reduces inflammation, pain and all signs of discomfort.

Does Detox

One of the best uses of the spice, especially during the party season is that it helps detox your liver and kidney! Nutmeg helps remove all the toxins cause by excessive alcohol, smoking, stress and unhealthy food from these organs enabling them to function better. Nutmeg is also useful is avoiding and dissolving kidney stones.

Brain game strong

Myristicin and macelignan are two compounds found in nutmeg which helps improve brain function, keeps it working in top notch condition and more importantly shields it from any kind of degeneration keeping brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Oh so festive!

Nutmeg is one of those few spices that add warmth and a festive aroma to several traditional Christmas dishes. Mulled wine, mulled cider, eggnog, pie or mashed potatoes – a hint of nutmeg is all important to get you into that Christmassy festive vibe!

Nutmeg needs nurturing

Nutmeg is a spice which needs plenty of tender love and care. It should be stored in a cool, dry and airtight space. Excessive heat robs them of flavour and dampness tends to cake them. Also nutmeg loses its fragrance pretty quickly when ground, so the best way to use nutmeg is to just grate in the necessary amount (which is mostly just a pinch or two) from the whole nut whenever required and put the rest back in an airtight container.

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