New kitchen trends

It is always exciting to explore new trends and technology in kitchen design. As it is, among...

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New kitchen trends

It is always exciting to explore new trends and technology in kitchen design. As it is, among all rooms of the home, kitchens are the top-most priority for designers as well as homeowners. Some of the latest trends in the kitchen are as follows:

Kitchen Layout

It was once believed that to have a best kitchen layout for ease in cooking and working, there must be a flow between the sink, oven and refrigerator. This basic principle still stays at the place but there is a more creative approach to this ‘flow’ nowadays. These days kitchens are being designed to have a large work area suited to each need.

For quick cooking and multitasking, ovens, microwaves and stovetops are located in the same station. Then for easy cleanup after meals, dishwashers are located next to primary sinks and garbage compactors. For washing vegetables, fruits and meats, sinks have now been replaced by kitchen islands.


Stainless steel appliances are still among one of the favourites where popular appliances are concerned, but this trend is beginning to change by people going for makeovers with appliances built into cabinets. This is still quite an expensive affair for a modern kitchen but it surely works beautifully for the jet-set age of today.

Increasing space is the mantra these days – so the oversized units of ovens and stovetops are being condensed and mounted separately to get that extra free space in the kitchen. Wall mounted ovens are coming into picture along with sleek modern stovetops which fit really well in this category.


Simple and sleek are the words describing a modern day kitchen lighting these days. One of the types which has become popular today is the inset lighting where soft glows are provided just above kitchen islands or to light up a particular workspace when necessary. Large, bulky and track lighting have almost become a thing of the past now. 


Custom cabinetry is the in-thing nowadays. This option is generally to accommodate greater amounts of higher cabinets for storage of special occasion dishes, lower cabinets for extra and specially made cooking appliances, etc. Modern materials which are recyclable and more environmentally friendly are being chosen over traditional materials like wood. Use of bamboo is also being seen in many new kitchens. The dullness of the cabinets are broken by paints and fun colours, making cabinetry play a role in the kitchen’s design and not just a necessity.


Sinks can really be a simple thing being just a necessity in the kitchen, but today it has worked its way up in grabbing that prime spot that adds to the mood of a kitchen. Something new that has gained popularity is the “apron front” sink. The apron front sink is something in which it is installed into the sink cabinet with a large apron on the front that can be seen from the front of the cabinet. This is one style in which the kitchen gets that extra flair even with a mere object like the sink. 


One of the most modern ides in the dining trends today is the “eat on bar”. People have now become busier as compared to the yester years and thus entertainment and caring for the families needs faster ways of managing the necessary chores of day-to-day lives. With this “eat on bar” way, children can enjoy their breakfast with their mothers and fathers can prepare them for the day while tidying up after preparing the meal. This bar is the best way to entertain family and guests while the other cooking and cleaning responsibilities are happening. You can prepare the maincourse while chatting with your friends and family as they sit and snack on at the kitchen bar.