Must try beverages from around the world

Summer is on in full-swing and it’s never too late to add some exotic and unique beverages!

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Must try beverages from around the world

What’s a summer holiday like? Sipping on ice-cooler on a beach and sun-bathing in your swim suit in your favourite country! Well, we are all upset with the fact that 2020 didn’t turn out as we planned and allour international travel plans are postponed. So, we thought we’d give you a taste of some delicious drinks from far-off places to cheer you up in some way. If you thought cocktails could only make you feel good while quenching the thirst too, this non-alcoholic beverage list is going to make you think again. While we still adore the beauty of our desisharbats, lassi, chaas and more, we also believe that trying some novelty in life never hurts.

Summer is on in full-swing and it’s never too late to add some exotic and unique beverages to your list. Read on…

Sorrel, Jamaica

Sorrel is a very popular Caribbean drink flavoured with hibiscus flower – dark red in colour and with has a raspberry-ish flavour. It is a nutritious drink as well, rich in Vitamin A, C and a 100% refreshing too. Generally, this drink is served during festivities but, we say summer is the best reason for you to try it. All you need is some dried hibiscus leaves, water, orange slices and cinnamon!

Agua Fresca, Mexico

The word Agua Fresca itself translates to ‘cool water.’ It is prepared in several flavours and is supposed to be the official summer cooler in Mexico. This popular drink can be easily confused with a fruit juice but it is more than that. Unlike juice, this drink is light on the stomach as it comprises more of water and less of solids. Not just fruits, even vegetables, flowers, seeds, etc. can be used to prepare this versatile drink.

Shakerato, Italy

We all might know that Italy has an extreme love for coffee and we’ve already adapted to their cappuccino culture. But, it’s more than this. Shakerato can be seen more than just an iced coffee and is pretty easy to prep. You need some freshly made espresso, ice cubes, sugar/vanilla syrup. Shake, shake, and shake until it forms a generous frothy layer on the top. Serve it in a fancy martini or a wine glass just like the Italian bartenders!

Egg Soda, Vietnam

Your impression after hearing about this one would not have been pretty great. But our say is, don’t knock it off until you’ve tried it. If you’ve ever tried eggnog, we must tell you that rumour says that this one is far better, in most ways. Prepared with egg yolk, sweetened condensed milk and soda, this drink tastes like a rich icecream beverage. Creamy, frothy, easy to prep and downright delicious – aren’t you already egg-cited to try this one?

Horchata de Chufa, Spain

We’ve been going gaga over the sangrias and wine from Spain. Now, let’s explore this unknown gem of the Spanish cuisine. Though, Horchata is a popular drink in Mexico but the Spanish version is prepared with tiger nuts and has a nutty flavour. You can also use other nuts like almonds, soak them in water and use it. Other ingredients you need are cinnamon, lemon wedges, water and sugar. Super easy to make, refreshing, summer-perfect and vegan too!