Moringa- A miracle for your health

Moringa, the miraculous ingredient has amazing health benefits! Read more.

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Moringa A miracle for your health

You have probably heard about it already but surely by a different name like Sajanfali, Daantha, drumsticks or maybe more. Moringa, the miraculous ingredient is regarded as one of the best superfoods- rich in nutrients, antioxidant-laden and a powerhouse of other beneficial health compounds. The most interesting part about this tree is that it is completely edible from top to bottom- its seeds, pods, stem, leaves, flowers and roots- you can eat it all. And we have been using it longer than what we know; it is an especially popular ingredient in the Southern part of India. They have been using it long for making curries, chutneys, soups and stews since long. So, we are going to give you some more reasons to include them in your diet!

Let’s know a bit more about its benefits in detail!

  • Incredibly Antioxidant rich: Loaded with 46 different types of antioxidants in the leaves, flowers and seeds, this superfood has the ability to prevent ageing. The powder made with Moringa leaves can help in raising blood antioxidant levels.
  • Moringa for Majbooti- Moringa is loaded with calcium which keeps your bones stronger. It helps in treating diseases like arthritis. Athletes and gym freaks should eat it in a regular basis as it helps in boosting stamina and energy.
  • Bye-Bye Stomach problems: Moringa has the ability to solve most common stomach disorders. It contains vitamin B which helps in breaking down of food and leads to proper digestion.
  • Good hair and skin:  It has detoxifying elements which can help cure any skin ailments and infections keeping the skin clearer. Moringa leaves contain protein which is healthy for both skin and hair.
  • Heals wounds and skin infections: It has excellent blood clotting properties in its leaves, roots and seeds which can heal wounds and skin infections effectively. It also helps in treating sore throats.
  • No to cancer: It contains niazmicin compounds which prevents the development of any cancer cells in the body.
  • Cures so many diseases: Moringa leaf powder is best for heart diseases, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.  A morning cup Of Moringa tea will work as a miracle for you.

Availability and use: Moringa is available in all forms today as it has become extremely popular in the Western world as well. You can buy capsules, oils, powders and tea as well which are easily available in the markets. You can make curries, soups and more with the stems, pods and flowers of the Moringa tree. The leaves can be used for making tea, smoothies and other beverages too. Moringa oil is best for cooking stews, curries or maybe for a perfect salad dressing as well. In India, you get fresh drumsticks everywhere, so got to your local market and buy some because there are a lot of recipes you can make with Moringa.

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