Millets as Sweets/Desserts

This article is about the sweet preparations that can be made using millets

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Millets as Desserts

Millets as Sweets/Desserts 

In our previous articles, we looked at millets as snacks/breakfasts and then as main course. Naturally, in this article we will be talking about desserts or sweet preparations made using millets. Yes, it may take some time getting used to the taste. Naturally, because we have had pongal and payasam made with rice/moong, chana dal and the respective specific ingredients.  

But we should give a chance to millets too, right? This time as desserts. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the sweet preparations with millets. 


Ragi Walnut Laddoo

Looks like chocolate balls right? But these laddoos are made from Ragi flour and coarsely crushed walnut. The third healthy ingredient, used is jaggery for sweetening. Indian sweets are made in ghee is considered good when taken in small proportions. So, what you get is a healthy treat. Pop a Ragi Walnut Laddoo and wash it down with milk or pack it in your office tiffin to have as a snack or after your meals, or after your workout. Always delicious.

Ragi Sesame Laddoo

So, the Ragi Walnut Laddoo has won your heart and now you would like to know more about which other laddoo can be made with this calcium-rich millet. Here’s one recipe that offers a delightful crunch because of the sesame. The process is the same as the above recipe, except that you will be adding sesame, almonds and pistachios. Isn’t that wholesome goodness? 

Ragi Sweet Pongal 

Be careful with this recipe, as unlike the previous two recipes, you are not using Ragi flour. You are taking whole Ragi and a little moong. Pressure cook and make a mixture. Bring this to a boil in the jaggery water and let it simmer. Add the cardamom powder and the sauteed nuts and raisins. Garnish with the remaining fried cashews and raisins. Your sweet Pongal is ready. 


Jowar with Jaggery

You may call it a payasam in a sense, because it has coconut. The coconut is ground into a paste and then sauteed with soaked and cooked jowar in ghee. Adding some more richness is the coconut milk in which the jowar and coconut paste will be cooked. Keep some coconut aside to roast it later to be used as garnish.  


Bajra Atta Halwa 

Halwa, one of the most staple sweet preparations in India when there is a happy occasion to celebrate. So, here’s one such recipe with Bajra flour. From the name it looks like it uses only bajra, but there is some Basmati rice too and a dash of pepper and ginger powder. Surprised, right? So, follow the process as you would for any of the sweets mentioned above. 

Bajra Burfi

Now if Bajra Atta Halwa was not surprising enough, then you have this delicious burfi. Make sure you use Palm jaggery, that is very soft and available only in winters. Keep in mind when the heat is to be on or  off and that one must make the cuts while it is hot, but separate only when the burfi mixture completely cools. 

With these six sweet recipes made using millets, we have explored another interesting facet of millets. Indeed all interesting recipes that you can share with your family and with those who need an introduction to millets.