Menu for the weekend

A delicious weekend menu that gets made within 30 minutes.

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Menu for the weekend

Weekends are meant to be luxurious and these three recipes make them just that. Take a look at this delicious weekend menu which gets made within 30 minutes – perfect for chill weekends where you want eat gorgeous food without toiling in the kitchen!

Menu: Paprika Chicken Skewers, Burnt Ginger Rice, Cinnamon Donuts

Shopping list

400 grams boneless chicken legs

1 small bottle of smoked paprika

1 small bottle of olive oil

1 small packet of parsley

1 small packet of fresh thyme

1 small bottle of light soy sauce

1 small bottle of tomato sauce

100 grams of dried red chillies

1 small bottle of vinegar

1 small packet of cinnamon powder

500 grams of refined flour

250 grams of castor sugar

1 packet of fresh yeast

100 grams butter

6 eggs

1 slab of dark chocolate

1 liter of fresh cream

For faster preparation

Wash the chicken thoroughly and cut in to 1 inch pieces. Marinate the chicken and set aside. Cook the rice and set aside. Clean ginger, slice it, shallow fry it and reserve some while chop the rest. Chop the coriander. Soak the dried red chillies in warm water, and then grind them into fine paste. Make the donut dough and set aside for first proving. Make the chocolate filling. Make the sugar and cinnamon mixture.

How to go about it

Start with rolling the proved dough and then use a cutter to divide the dough into equal portions. deep fry them and then coat them in sugar cinnamon mixture. Then toss the rice. Skewer the marinated chicken and cook on a griller till done. Finally pipe out the chocolate filling in donuts and serve