Meet The Yellow Chilli Robot- Amy

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Meet The Yellow Chilli Robot

Technology is definitely evolving every day and in today’s world one must evolve with it. Whether it is smartphones, self-driving cars or robots, newer technologies are here to make the human lives simpler. Robots are also getting better day by day. Today we can see various manufacturers use robots in their assembly process because they offer more superiority in efficiency and accuracy, when compared to a human worker. They help getting better and quicker results. This urge to achieve perfection and better efficiency has also motivated The Yellow Chilli restaurant outlet at Doha, Qatar to introduce something new in its dining experience.

Hello Amy!

The Qatar outlet of The Yellow Chilli restaurant has introduced a robot to assist in serving its diners. This robot, named Amy, is designed to help streamline the waiting process, while adding a touch of the future to the present. Manufactured by CSJBot in China, Amy is designed to instantly and carefully take food from the kitchen to the designated table.

This 5ft 11-inch tall robot also comes with a set of speakers and a screen embedded at the front which displays numerous kinds of information like offers or the day’s specials. The robot is taught about the restaurant, and it can track its ways to go to a specific table. In the initial setup, Amy scans the entire restaurant, with its walls, nooks and crannies. Later it uses these scans to differentiate pathways from dining tables. The table numbers are then registered on Amy’s memory. So from the kitchen, the operator just needs to rest the food on its tray and using the computer, route it to the designated table.

“Excuse me, you are on my walking route"

The motors and wheels installed in Amy are designed specifically to minimize vibration and bumps, preventing the food from falling or spilling. Amy also has a number of proximity sensors which track the elements in its surroundings, including people and kids moving. It can proactively halt if someone comes between its route while keeping the food and drinks intact. Moreover, it’ll also say, “Excuse me, you are on my walking route" to move people away. Once it reaches the designated table, the diners need to pick the food items from its tray. Later Amy will ask the diners to tap its hand to let her go back. Once done, Amy will track its route and make its way back to the kitchen.

Amy tries to be human

Even though it’s a robot, it is designed to behave as humanly possible. Its head is embedded with lights which can form expressions. The bright and colourful body of the robot gives out a positive vibe, entertaining adults and kids alike. Amy can communicate and greet its guests in English, Arabic, French, Spanish as well as Korean. It can also read out the day’s specials and recommendations.

Why Amy?

An automated serving robot like Amy will help in maintaining hygiene throughout the delivery process in a restaurant. Moreover, its carefully calculated movements will result in minimal errors and accidents in the dining area and a pleasant experience for guests and staff alike. With Amy taking over the food delivery to the dining area, the staff can be appointed other tasks offering efficiency during rush hour and whole new eating experience for the diners. With ultra-efficient technologies like Amy making way into a restaurant set up, the future of dining surely seems promising.