Makeover of your kitchen - with a wallpaper border!

Give your kitchen that drastic makeover by just adding a kitchen wallpaper border that will not...

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Makeover of your kitchen with a wallpaper border

Give your kitchen that drastic makeover by just adding a kitchen wallpaper border that will not cost you much but the efforts will also be less! Just remember some basic ideas when choosing one:

Make sure that you select a border that goes with what you already have, if you are not going to change anything else in the kitchen. This will help the room look connected.

For a mini theme change, you can select a border you like along with buying some new accessories that will go with it.

For antique house interiors, you can select floral or old world style patterns which go great with the entire traditional theme.

Just opposite for contemporary interiors would be an abstract or impressionist style design wallpaper.

For kitchens which do not have exactly have a particular style, selecting a kitchen wallpaper border that matches the predominant colours in the room, or one that goes with the architectural style of the house is the best option.

It is all about choosing the right wallpaper border - but remember one main point - make sure to consider the colour of the floor and the paint while choosing the wallpaper. This will help you by not ending up with a wallpaper that clashes!

For the ones who want to do a bit more with the kitchen interiors and have a whole new theme without getting into an expensive remodelling, try picking out a kitchen wallpaper border that might as well have the theme you want, which will serve the entire purpose at once! And if you want to add more, then you could buy some cabinet pulls that will match the theme along with other elements of the kitchen like cookie jars, curtains, canisters and some knick knacks. Also, if you have some space left between the ceiling and your cabinets, you can buy some themed collectibles and display them on top of the cabinets to add the beauty. To add to that final touch, get some little rugs/mats for the doorway and sink tops matching the wallpaper border theme and voila! you will get an amazing new look without spending thousands.

About installing a kitchen wallpaper border, all you need to do is make sure you go with this checklist:

Pick the right spot that you want the wallpaper to be at. Some of the common areas are at the top of the wall, where it meets the ceiling and at a chair rail height.

Wallpapers can also be installed under the cabinets or wherever you feel they will look good and classy.

For actually putting them up, all of them come with the manufacturer’s instructions and you just need to make sure that you simply follow them. Some of the common instructions from the makers are cleaning the area where the border will be places, then soaking the border in water to activate the glue, etc.

At the end, all you got to do is carefully put the border in place and smooth out any bubbles and remember to match the seams.