Let's 'bake' the best out of this lockdown!

Get ready for some serious baking fever because we’ve got the perfect recipes for you!

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Lets bake the best out  of this lockdown

Do you know the best and most exciting way to pass your time without getting bored at all? Bake! Baking is probably the most therapeutic thing on this planet. At least most dessert lovers would agree. Whether you’re into hard core cooking in the kitchen or not, baking a cake would have always crossed your mind at least once. And not to forget, it is also one of the easiest things to comfort you super quick. Since, we are already in the lockdown 2.0 version, it’s time to begin baking. And don’t you worry, the recipes we’ve got for you requires just some basic ingredients or maybe less than that.

It’s time to treat your senses with the sight and aroma of a freshly baked cake and enjoy this quarantine, the best way. Get ready for some serious baking fever because we’ve got the perfect recipes for you!

Eggless Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes are a very subtle example of heaven on earth. And well, here’s the perfect chocolate cake you were just looking for. This one sans eggsand very easy to prep. All you got to do now is don that apron,whisk a batterand turn on the oven!

Pound Cake

After this recipe, you’re going to ask yourself, can baking a cake get any easier? Yes, that’s right! This one’s probably the easiest cake of all, prepared with minimum ingredients. This vanilla flavoured Pound Cake is dense, rich and with the perfect texture. Try it today!

Pressure Cooker Cake

For those who don’t have an oven at home right now, don’t get FOMO. Here’s a delectable cake baked to perfection in a pressure cooker. This cake will take care of your sweet tooth and also bust the myth about baking a cake in pressure cooker makes it any less delicious. Also, you can garnish it, the way you wish to!


Once you take a bite of this brownie, you’re going to experience ‘love at first bite.’ This is a quick, easy and one of the most sumptuous brownies you’re going to have. You just have to stock up some biscuits and bake a batch of these beauties in a pan. Yes, you need no oven or microwave. If you thought making a brownie was difficult, here’s the recipe to make you think again!

Molten Marble Cake:

Warning: One batch is not going to be enough, so bake at your own risk! We’re downright serious, this cup cake is just incredible. Prepared with the everyday ingredients, you need to look no further. Once you take a bite, you will experience the eye-treating marble effect and molten peanut butter oozing out of it. We know you’re already drooling.So, go bake one soon!

Mug Cake

Can’t miss this one, can we? The easiest and yummiest cake prepared in no time – Mug Cake. All you need is: some dark chocolate, fresh cream, cocoa powder and an egg. Mug it up ‘cuz you’re going to make this one quite often. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and get ready for a subtle and sweet sugar rush in no time.