Kitchens of the future

The kitchen is the heart of a house and will always continue to be so and more in the next few years

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Kitchens of the future

The kitchen is the heart of a house and will always continue to be so and more in the next few years. Take a look at these futuristic trends that you can expect in every suave kitchen in the next couple of years. 

Multi purpose space 

Your kitchen no longer needs to be a space where you just prepare your next meal. It can be your garden, living room, office space, laboratory and even your little space for all the R& D that goes into your cooking. Also get ready to change the layout of your kitchen to make space for all those gadgets and appliances that you won’t be able to do without.

Go digital 

With the ongoing digital boom, it is only a matter of time before your kitchen goes digital too. Just like how we have smart TV’s and smart phones integrated into our lifestyles, it’s just a matter of time before you welcome smart kitchen apps and modified appliances into your cooking space. How about a fridge that tells you the exact date when you put food in and helps you scan the ingredients in your fridge without even having to open it. 

Molecular and neuro gastronomy 

Molecular gastronomy has entered restaurants and soon will enter home kitchens too bridging the gap between food science and home cooking. Gadgets like blowtorches, pH meters, and refractometers, which were previously relegated to science laboratories, are slowly but steadily creeping into your home kitchen. Neuro-gastronomy is a step ahead of molecular version where the food not just plays with textures but also with smells and sights. For example on your dinner menu you would have boiled broccoli that tastes like mac n cheese! 

Good Health awaits you at your next meal

Gone are the dates of fad diets – the only diet that seems to work these days is a healthy food diet. People are not just concerned with less sugar and oil, but the quality of ingredients used. Locally sourced organic and all natural foods are going to be welcome. Giving back to the environment will be a big part of planning kitchen menus at home and in restaurants. Make place for herb and vegetable patches in your home.

Food compositors  

A food compositor is nothing but a vending machine for food. It doesn't just dispense out packaged food like colas and chips but can also make you your personalized gourmet pizza/ pasta/ soup or whatever it is you fancy. For example if you have a food compositor for pizza all you need to do is press a few buttons to select your base, sauce, toppings and voila in a couple of minutes a freshly baked pizza is ready for you to indulge in.

With food trends like these it sounds like the kitchen is going to more exciting than ever. 

Stay tuned to this space for all the scoop on what you should and shouldn't be doing in your kitchen.