Kitchen lighting – a new dimension!

Talk about a new thing in kitchen lighting and you can add a warm glow to your kitchen with a...

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Kitchen lighting a new dimension

Talk about a new thing in kitchen lighting and you can add a warm glow to your kitchen with a copper finish kitchen lighting. You have got two options of such kind of lighting depending on the kitchen style, of either buying a new one or if you make it in a tighter budget, then try and pick up some antique lighting with a rich, classy finish. All this will add charm to the kitchen that no other new lighting will be able to do!

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind while picking out the copper finish lighting are:

Colour matching

If you have complimentary colours and accents in your kitchen then copper lighting can enhance the kitchen in a great way. For instance, it can accent copper orange and brown colours in tiles or countertops. Also, if you have copper cabinet pulls, copper range hood or copper finished metal on your table and chairs, going in for copper finish lighting can act as a great accent to get the room together.

Theme matching 

As in case of colours, make sure that the material and style of your copper finish kitchen lighting is also matching with the theme of your kitchen. For instance, a copper hanging light or candle sconce type light works best for a country-themed kitchen. For a more formal look, you can always go in for something which is a bit fancier. For that ultra modern kitchen, polished copper pendants and covers for recessed lighting will add to both the beauty and warmth of the kitchen.

Finish matching

It is always recommended to consider the finish of the cabinets and other accessories of the kitchen before you go for buying your set of copper finish kitchen lighting. For instance, if your cabinets and accessories have that shiny touch, it is advisable to go for an antique with a dull finish that will give it a contrast look. Also, to avoid the kitchen with a bright glare, you would always want the lighting to be such that it is subtle and blends well with everything else. Reverse is the case, when the cabinets and accessories are subtle, you might opt for a shiny copper lighting that will add a bit of spice to the interiors. For a contemporary kitchen, a brushed copper finish which is neither shiny nor too dull, would do best.