Kitchen counter tops – choose the right material

Consumers are always looking for kitchen counter top materials that look great, but at the same...

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Kitchen counter tops choose the right material

Consumers are always looking for kitchen counter top materials that look great, but at the same time are practical and manageable. So, when it comes to choosing one, here are some materials that you can look for while getting the right one for your kitchen counter tops!


Concrete is one material which can be custom made to give a nice organic look and because of this reason it is being used more and more in kitchens of today. But make sure that you seal it as it is porous as well. One more advantage of concrete is that you can mix other interesting materials into it for custom made countertops. People love them as they are not only heat and scratch resistant but can also be made in any colour, resist cracking and are unique.


This material is expensive than most others, so is generally reserved for those who have high budgets. It is heatproof though porous in nature. Hence stains easily unless constantly resealed. Looks wise, a terrific beauty!


Due to the beautiful colours available and being easy to use, this natural material is one of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen counter tops. Though it requires periodic care to keep it from soaking up stains, it is heat and scratch resistant. One of the more expensive choices but nothing can beat a granite top in looks.


Ceramic tiles are available in variety of colours and patterns and can really give your kitchen that aura in terms of looks, in case you want a customised look. These are easy to clean, durable as well as inexpensive. Talking of disadvantages, these are very difficult to replace and crack easily and also can become extremely dirty, with the joints being the most troublesome spots to clean.


Inexpensive, durable and easy-to-manage. The best, if you want a plethora of colours. However, the disadvantage if that if it gets chipped or scratched, it is almost impossible to repair. 

Stainless Steel 

Kitchens with a contemporary and industrial look are the best ones suited to this material. It is highly durable, heat resistant and greatly resistant to bacteria. Also, easy to clean but can dent easily.

Solid Surface 

This section has materials like “corian” which is a solid surface throughout and the material looks just the same beneath as it does on the top. It can be custom made according to your specifications and is also stain resistant and available in an array of colours. It is expensive though and is not very heat resistant and can stain.


This natural grey stone has made a comeback in modern homes of today. It is smooth and has an inorganic feel to it and is stain resistant. Though it does require some amount of regular applications of mineral oil and is prone to cracking and has a tendency to darken over time.