Interesting Recipes with Rabdi

Turn this humble sweet into something fancy and irresistible

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Interesting Recipes with Rabdi

While we love chocolates and cakes, nothing can take away the comfort and love of traditional Indian sweets. There is so much variety in the sweets to choose from that its difficult to pick just one. One such special delicacy is Rabdi. Made by reducing and sweetening milk,  this delicious dessert has an avid fan-following of its own. And if you want to experiment with its simplicity, you can turn this humble sweet into something more fancy and irresistible. Here are a few recipes to try out.

Churros with Pear Rabdi

A Churro is a Mexican snack that is made using pastry dough which is deep fried and served with chocolate sauce, dulce de leche as well as hot chocolate. The contrasting flavour of the churro and chocolate creates a delicious carnival of flavours. However, this recipe replaces the chocolate sauce with a delicious pear rabdi. The end result is something amazing and delicious which is truly out of the ordinary.

Motichoor Paratha with Rabdi

Motichoor ladoos are arguably the best kind of ladoos. However, what if these ladoos are disintegrated and stuffed in parathas? The end result is sheer deliciousness. The parathas are then served with some dry-fruit loaded rabdi to the side. This sweet-savoury delicacy is not only simple to make but is also a great surprise to someone with a sweet tooth.

Sitaphal Rabdi

If you’re bored of the classic simple rabdi and want to explore some new flavours and textures with it, you would definitely love this recipe. In this recipe, rabdi is mixed and blended with some custard apple and cardamom powder. The inclusion of custard apple not only adds to the texture, but also brings a ton of unique flavours on the table.

Coconut Rabdi

Rabdi on its own is lumpy and granular. However, in this coconut infused recipe, with the inclusion of tender, dessicated and fresh coconut, the end result is a carnival of textures along with the refreshing flavour of coconut. If you’re planning on doing a South-Indian themed dinner party, this dessert would be the perfect conclusion, as it is not only simple to make but also delivers delicious results. Definitely worth a try.