Hydrebadi Food

We picked 3 of our favourite dishes from this fabulous cuisine & show you how to make it in 30 mins.

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Hydrebadi Food

Hyderabadi food is rich and royal, right from delicious biryanis and yummy kebabs to decadent desserts. We picked 3 of our favourite dishes from this fabulous cuisine and show you how to make it within 30 minutes – with the right kind of preparation of course!

Menu: Soya Nihari

             Gulabari Kofta Biryani


Shopping list

300 grams of soya nuggets

100 grams of ghee

8-10 buns

50 grams of split Bengal gram

50 grams of coriander seeds

50 grams of fennel seeds

50 grams of poppy seeds

50 grams of onion seeds

50 grams of caraway seeds

1 small packet of ginger powder

1 small packet of nutmeg powder

1 small bottle of rose water

1 kg basmati rice      

400 grams of yogurt

250 grams of mutton mince

6 eggs

1 small bottle gourd

100 grams of almonds

100 grams of cashewnuts

50 grams of dried rose petals

200 grams of khoya

1 bottle of diet sugar

For faster preparation

Make the spice powder for nalli nihari. Soak soya nuggets. Prepare the brown onions for nihari and biryani. Make the spice powder for biryani. Make the mixture of koftas ready. Grate bottle gourd and crush the nuts. Soak the rice and then drain and crush it.

How to go about it

Finish the nihari and then heat the buns. Shape the koftas and then cook them in the masala. Then add drain the soak rice and add to the koftas. Add water and cook till done. Drizzle rose water and garnish with rose petals. Finally cook bottle gourd with ghee until the moisture evaporates. Add milk and then cook it with nuts and khoya. Serve.