How important is your daily share of vegetables?

by Sanjeev Kapoor

The fact that vegetables are extremely beneficial for our body and have a great effect on our daily diets is not hidden. But, on some days, all we want to do is get rid of all the vegetables and eat whatever we want, don’t we? A no-veggie day would be where you can enjoy a cheese sandwich for breakfast, a pasta for lunch and a margherita pizza for dinner, with the least amount of vegetables reaching your tummy at the end of the day. Despite all the information one has about the importance of consuming veggies, research says that a lot of people fall extremely short of the recommended amount. Today, we are going to tell you what exactly are the problems associated with not eating your daily share of vegetables.

Here they are.

Digestion problems all the time

Doesn’t everything feel gloomy when you have an upset stomach? Sure, it does! And, veggies are here to help. Vegetables contain cellulose and fibre which help to ease digestion, prevent constipation and develop a healthy digestive system. If you want to meet your daily fibre needs, it’s important to include a good amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet.


Do you want to gain extra calories?

No one wants to gain extra calories unnecessarily. But, if you’re ditching your regular share of fruits and vegetables, you’re more likely to gain unnecessary weight. Since, you’re not eating a vegetable-loaded dish, you might probably be munching on high-calorie junkies instead which are ultimately going to result in those extra kilos. Studies say that people who ate fewer vegetables were obese and overweight than the ones who managed to meet their daily share of them.


Low on energy all day

You know vegetables and fruits constitute for most of our vitamin intake, especially Vitamin C. If we do not get our daily dose of this particular vitamin, it leads to fatigue, irritability and tiredness. If the case worsens, it can cause ‘scurvy,’ a condition which is associated with extreme deficiency of Vitamin C. It may then lead to swelling in some parts of the body, cause ulcers and bleeding gums.


More susceptible to depression

Though you might think it is depressing to eat a vegetable or fruit salad, but contrarily it is said that if you don’t get enough fruits and veggies daily, you are more susceptible to depression problems. They contain compounds like pantothenic acid and Vitamin B6 which help protect the mental health. For a bigger smile, you should try to eat a good amount of vegetables daily.


A weaker immune system

By now, you might know how important the protection of immune system in our body is. Experts say that if you don’t include enough vegetables in your daily diet, you may lose out on important phytonutrients which help in strengthening your immunity. In turn, it can create a stress on the immune system and you may become prone to getting sick all the time. Vegetables also contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals which help in keeping up your overall health. So, the best thing to do is eat as much veggies as you can!


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