Here’s how you can take care of your teeth

Let’s discuss about foods which can cause danger to your teeth and sabotage your dental health!

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Heres how you can take care of your teeth

When you’re surfing through various food articles on the internet, what do you usually prefer to read? Well, research says, nowadays people are more inclined towards reading about healthy foods, recipes and lifestyle habits. They say, ‘the first thing to worship is your body,’ but, have you ever been really concerned about one of the most important organs in your body? Or are you also one of those people who only take the necessary precautions when you feel a cavity or pain in the teeth or gums? If yes, this article is to make sure you care a little more than before about your teeth and let that smile sparkle more!

‘You are what you eat,’ and if your dental health is out of place, you are in some serious problem. So, let’s discuss about foods which can cause danger to your teeth and sabotage your dental health for real.

Stay away from ‘high acid foods’

High in acid foods can cause teeth erosion, decay and other similar dental problems. Drinking wine can sensitize the enamel. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, pickles, tomatoes are also some foods which create tooth sensitivity. You can include them in moderation in your diet but make sure to wash your mouth well afterwards.

Stop yourself from eating ‘all that sugar’

You might already know how disastrous sugary foods are for yourteeth. Do you know why? High in sugar foods are the first step towards cavities. The bacteria in the mouth feed on sugary foods, thus, creating harmful cavities. Foods like candies, chocolates, soft drinks, desserts, jams, syrups, etc. are extremely bad for the teeth. There might be times that there’s a table full of these foods and all you want to do is grab ‘em. But think about that pretty smile and let go!

Sticky and chewy, sounds bad!

Sticky foods and foods that are hard to chew have the ability to get stuck in your teeth for longer than you think. These foods then create harmful bacteria and produce high amounts of acid than usual creating serious damage. Dried fruits, sour and hard candies orpopcorns are some examples of such foods. If you’re planning to indulge in these sticky and chewy foods, make sure to follow a brush and floss routine afterwards.

Do not dry out the mouth

Saliva prevents foods from sticking to your mouth and washes off the food particles. It also helps prevent various gum diseases, tooth decay and other dental problems. There isa specific category of foods that can dry out your mouth – alcohol, coffee, tea, energy drinks and other similar things. When your mouth turns dry, the saliva level drops down and is not able to protect the teeth anymore. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep the saliva levels balanced.

Refined and starchy is risky

Refined and processed foods already have a bad reputation of being harmful and unhealthy for the body. Food items such as bread, pasta, chips can be as disastrous as candies to your teeth or maybe worse. These starchy foods break down into sugars and promote the harmful bacteria to feed on acids in the teeth. These also get stuck to the teeth for longer, hence, leading to decay and cavities. Processed foods do no good to thebody; the best thing to do is to avoid them as much as possible.