Gifting Ideas for the season

December has to be one of the most beloved months of the year. It is the...

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Gifting Ideas for the season

December has to be one of the most beloved months of the year. It is the transition to a whole new year, new beginnings. December is definitely the party month - be it for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. December is also known to be the peak wedding season for Hindus. These celebrations mean happiness, good food and lots of gifts. Now, gifting can be really confusing, as always, however, if you’re looking for cool gifting ideas for someone who loves to cook, we’ve got some really amazing suggestions for you to gift this season.

Air Fryer

Everyone is trying to be health-conscious these days. And if someone’s trying to cut down oily food from their diet an air-fryer could be the perfect way to start it. Air Fryer fries delicious french fries, aloo tikkis and other delicacies with just a few drops of oil using hot air. Moreover, you can also bake inside an air-fryer, since it basically uses the same methodology as an oven. Cool, right?

Gas Oven Tandoor

For someone who loves tandoor food, this nifty tool is their saviour. Gas Oven Tandoor is a unique combination of oven and tandoor that works on your normal gas stove. This lets you make grilled and tandoori vegetarian or non-vegetarian kebabs, tikkas, roasts, tandoori rotis, naans and parathas. You can also bake cakes on your gas too using the gas oven tandoor.

Non-stick Cookware Sets

Non-stick cookware sets are a boon to any new cook. Not only are they easier to cook with, but cleaning them afterwards is equally simple too. It also helps us use less oil in cooking, thanks to the non-stick coating at the bottom. Today you have so many brands with vibrant designs and colourful options to choose from, and they’re really an inexpensive way to cook delicious food.


Another quite ideal and useful gifting item is crockery. This could be either a tea set or a serving crockery set, or even an entire dinner set made with either glass or bone china. These not only look amazing to gift but sometimes will be in use for generations. Sanjeev Kapoor’s Premium Glassware is something you could look into for an array of beautiful looking crockery to gift your loved ones.

Electric Cappuccino Machine

Definitely, the newest thing in the market are these tiny electric coffee makers that allow you to get the thick froth just like the cafes. No matter how hard we try, we cannot achieve the smooth foamy texture that we desire. These tiny cappuccino machines are designed to create just that. This will be a perfect gift to any caffeine lover.

Lock and Seal Container Sets

Another thing that always helpful for everyone is a good lock and seal spill-proof container. Sure it isn’t the fanciest or wow-effect gift, but it is something that has the most utility. Be it when it is being used as a tiffin box or as a regular storage container in the refrigerator, it’ll always come in handy.