Get over the white kitchen walls, add some colour!

Some think that painting the kitchen walls will take up a lot of work and the cabinets, counters...

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Get over the white kitchen walls add some colour

Kitchen is one such place in the entire house where one would not like to use different colours for painting the walls. White or off white is generally what the kitchens have. It is one low-cost way of changing the look, but many people do go by the idea as they fear that adding colours to kitchen walls might just be too loud and not match the décor. Many think that it might be too gaudy for the overall appearance and thus, even if they want to, drop the plan of using colours. Some think that painting the kitchen walls will take up a lot of work and the cabinets, counters and floors would get messy and would require cleaning once the job is done.

Choosing the right colour besides the usual ones can not only change the entire look of the room within your budget, but will also help the usual, boring furniture to become more lively and the entire room can have a designer look! Here’s what all you should keep in mind while choosing a colour for your kitchen walls:

Choosing a neutral shade like gray or beige is always recommended over deep and strong colours for the first time while experimenting with colours. This will make feel comfortable and get ready with what you have to do later.

Go for colours that would match or contrast the colour of the furniture and other accessories.. For example, if there is a lot of navy blue and black, choose a shade of beige with pink or orange undertones so that the whole look comes out to be warm. On the other hand, if the feel is already warm with shades of reds and browns, then select beige with ashy tones to avoid overheating of the entire room. For cool moods, you can choose shades of chrome, glass and ice blue.

Try going through the colour swatches that are available in the market to select the most appropriate shades suiting your kitchen walls.

If you are choosing some bold colours like green, try to keep a muted tone that will be easy to live with and work in.

Keep these pointers in mind and you are surely to get a much more lively kitchen to work in!