Gaining weight is not so difficult

Let's know a bit about how you can gain weight without struggling a lot with natural foods!

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Gaining weight is not so difficult

With the start of new year, people are seen going crazy about losing weight, hittng the gym, eating healthy, etc. But, don’t you think people keep talking about only one side of the story which is losing out on kilos! No one talks about the other side, about the ones struggling to put on some weight. The general idea is that the hardest thing in life to do is to lose out weight, but putting on weight is as tough as the latter. You see, not everyone is blessed! Today, we are going to talk about how people can put on weight without struggling a lot, with natural foods and no powders, preservatives or supplementary items. Just the right food!

Gain smoothie-ly!

Usually, when someone is worried about being underweight, they end up consuming unhealthy drinks like soda, cold drinks, artificial sugary drinks, etc. Don’t fall for them as are not just a great way to put on weight, but, the right way too. This can be one of the easiest ways to fulfil your weight goals. This also helps in building stronger muscles post-workout. Try adding some flax seeds, fruits or nuts to make these even better.

Amazing avocados!

By now, you might already know what a blessing an avocado is in terms of its health benefits and nutrition value. But, did you know that it can be an excellent weight gaining supplement too? One avocado = 322 calories approximately! Whoa, that’s a number! Does any other fruit have the ability to be so high on calories? Tell us if you know!

Here are some great avocado recipes for you:

Say cheeeeeeeese!

It goes without saying that this ingredient had to make it to the list. Every cheese lover out there knows how calories and cheese go hand in hand. It is said to be one of the most popular weight gaining foods till date and it can do wonders! Infact, if one is trying hard to gain weight quickly, they should just start adding cheese to anything and everything. And, the best part is it tastes just sooo gooood!

Go nuts!

Dried nuts and fruits can help you wonderfully when it comes to gaining weight. Cashew nuts, for example, are calorie-dense and 100 grams of cashew nuts can provide you with around 550 calories. In fact, seeds like sunflower and flax can help too. And, they are all so easy to incorporate in the diet that you can just top your favourite cakes, shakes, salads, ice-creams, etc. with these.

The right oil for the right weight!

There are loads of foods available in the market that may help you gain pounds quite easily. But, be mindful about choosing the right things for your body, especially when it comes to oils. Olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil can be the best ones to serve the purpose. The calorie content in them is high and is safe to be consumed too. You can use them for cooking purposes or simply use them in salad dressings.