Foods that shouldn't be stored in the refrigerator

by Sanjeev Kapoor

I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge. It made me check every few minutes to see if some delicious food magically appeared! I’m sure you can relate to this every bit, especially in all these months of lockdown, where things have become quite mundane and food has been one of those exciting thing to look for. Technically speaking, the task of a refrigerator is much beyond just lowering the temperature. We rely on it in so many ways that it is pretty much impossible to imagine our lives without it! Because of a fridge’s existence it is possible to store food for a prolonged time, where the low temperature not just helps in keeping food fresh but eliminates bacteria too.


Some fun fridge facts: 

  • Albert Einstein is believed to be the co-inventor of the refrigerator. So, besides his genius work of E=mc2, this is another one. 

  • In the late 19th century, a fridge could weigh 5 tons. Way too heavy, isn’t it?

  • Refrigerators are one of those appliances that are easy on the pocket in the longer run. It gives the best returns by lasting for an average of 13 years.  


All said and done, here are certain foods that stay much fresh at room temperature and rot when kept in the fridge. So, you must store food correctly in the fridge to help curb wastage. Here’s the list of some of those foods that should ideally not be stored in the fridge. Read on to know. 


1) Olive oil

Do you witness a cloudy and grainy appearance of olive oil when stored in the fridge? So, store it at room temperature to retain its colour and consistency. Also, it neither can withstand high temperature and sunlight. So, it is recommended to keep it in a cool and dark spot like the kitchen cupboard or any other shelf away from the warm temperature.


2) Onion

When we come home with shopping bags filled with vegetables and fruits, the first thing that strikes us is to keep everything in the refrigerator. However, onions aren’t supposed to land there. These must be kept in a dark and dry place where they can’t sprout. However, a half-used onion can be just wrapped in a cling and kept in the fridge. 


3) Honey

Honey just cannot go in a fridge as it hampers the taste of this liquid. So, in order to enjoy its real flavour keep the bottle in a cool and dark place. 


4) Garlic

Garlic cannot sustain in moisture. So, when you store it in the fridge, it deteriorates very quickly. However, if already peeled or prepared it can still stay a little bit longer. Store raw garlic at room temperature and in a dry place with generous amount of air circulation. 


5) Coffee 

If you are a coffee fanatic and tend to store your beloved ingredient in the fridge then stop doing that at once. Coffee has a natural feature of absorbing the smell of ingredients kept nearby and the related moisture. If you want to experience coffee with its flavour intact, then keep it in an airtight container at room temperature. 


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