Foods that last, almost forever!

by Sanjeev Kapoor

Since, the lockdown isn’t coming to an end soon. So, the first and the best thing to do is to stock on some foods that is going to last for quite a while. In this chaotic world, all we are worried is how and what to stock up for the coming days and months? There have been many studies about how if you store ingredients in the right manner, they can last for up to a lifetime. Well, there might be a teeny bit of exaggeration in this statement and of course this mess is going to end sooner than that. (Fingers crossed!) But today we’re going to give you a list of some supplies which, if stored properly can last long for a decade!

Make some room in your kitchen shelves because these ingredients are here to stay. Take a look.

Baking soda

For all the people who love baking and spend most of their time baking treats, it’s time for a sigh of relief. Don’t be shy to buy big boxes of baking soda and hoard it for longer. Just keep it away from any moisture, store it in a dry place and use it for an imprecise time. Also, did you know that it acts as a great cleaning agent too? In case it goes wrong anytime in your life, you can use it to clean your house instead of throwing it away.


One of the ingredients which we use in our daily life promises to almost never go bad in a lifetime. The best way to store honey is to keep it away from sunlight in a cool place. You need not refrigerate it otherwise it might solidify quite easily. Also, avoid storing it in a metal container.


To all the true blue desis out there, ghee is one of the ingredients which can last indefinitely. Butter, on the other hand is processed and may tend to expire or turn stale easily.But, ghee is clarified butter and is unprocessed, hence can last longer. You can freeze it in a glass jar when opened and it might last upto a year. If unopened, it can last forever!


The indispensable ingredient in any kitchen household never gets old. Yes! You can save salt because it is a mineral and can last infinitely. Don’t forget to add namak swad anusar but also make sure to keep it away from moisture. Since table salt is a processed one, pink and sea salt can last longer than it.

Coffee powder

For those who love their cup of coffee way too much, here’s something for you to smile about. Bag up some coffee packs and jars ASAP and store them in a cool place. Opened or unopened, they can last almost for a lifetime in the freezer. (Not pushing it!)

Powdered milk

We all know that milk cannot be stored for a long time but the best alternative to milk can. Powdered milk can be stored for as long as 20 years and plus point, it has calcium and Vitamin D as well. Store the can in a dry and cool place and allow some air-circulation.


You might already have an idea about this! Rice can last longer than many other daily essentials. In fact, archeologists have discovered rice stored in Egyptian tombs from the olden times. White rice lasts longer than brown, arborio, jasmine or wild rice. Just make sure to keep it away from bugs.

Coconut oil

A much-loved ingredient in the Southern parts of India, coconut oil can be bought in abundance and used up to almost 2 years. Not as long as other foods in the list but it sure lasts longer than many other oils. Its shelf life depends on its type and is safe to store with other kitchen ingredients.  


Amongst the other daily supplies, sugar can be stored for a longer span of time if you can keep it away from insects. If stored properly and away from moisture, it can last upto a year. White, brown, powdered or granulated, every sugar has a long life, just make sure to keep it cool and dry.


Whole spices can stay fresh upto 2 years with an intact flavour. Make sure to store them in air-tight containers in a cool and dry space. Ground spices have a lesser shelf life, that is,for about 6 months.But you can always stock them whole and blend it fresh as and when required.

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