Family Food Tales with Alyona Kapoor!

Watch this amazing series of family food stories with Alyona Kapoor!

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Family Food Tales with Alyona Kapoor


“A family that eats together stays together,” something  the Kapoor family truly believes in. Did you know that apart from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated chef of all times, her wife,  Alyona is no less than him when it comes to having hands that create magic when she cooks? It’s all in the family, has always been this way!  Like every other family, they have loads of amazing food stories to share with you. And, we have none other than the ‘lady’ of the house, sharing some of her favourite picks  through this amazing series of family food stories.

 Here you go!


Palak Chole

The thought behind the invention of this culinary beauty was that palak paneer was literally done to death by everyone! Even, in her home. So, she added some chole to it and made it a brand new dish. To know more about how the dish was born and the exclusive recipe, you need to watch the video now.


Moong Dal Cheela

Cheela is the go-to breakfast not just in her household, but, for many because of it being an instant and easy option. Here’s presenting a protein-packed cheela recipe for you which is not just delicious, but healthy too. Made with sprouted moong and a few basic ingredients, you can even pack this in your kid’s dabbas!


Quick Pressure-Cooked Vegetables

There are a lot of interesting anecdotes surrounding the story of this easy recipe. Witness the sweet bonding of a daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law. Also, get a fuss-freerecipe that can be a family favourite within a matter of seconds. Once you try it, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.


Vegetable Frankie

Frankies are one of the most loved foods on the streets of Mumbai.People munch on these all the time, also because they are quite filling. Here’s a quick Vegetable Frankie for you to make at home and while you watch the video, you’re in for some family entertainment too


Masala Ragi Dosa

The superfood ragi is super beneficial for the body and Indian cuisine has been using this millet for years. Watch how she makes an amazing dosa with ragi and shares stories of her family’s love for this ultimate South Indian favourite. A perfect and a unique breakfast option too, because the same dosa gets a little boring sometimes. Try it!


Makhane ki Kheer

Fox nuts, popularly known as makhana has been there in our pantries for long and now it has gained popularity all over the world. This one is an easy, healthy and vrat-approved recipe for you to enjoy. You might already be a kheer lover, but, once you try this unique recipe, this will be the one you’ll make all the time.


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