Expert advice on eggs!

by Sanjeev Kapoor

There is no doubt in the fact that eggs have helped us on all days. Good, bad, hectic, lazy or anything, eggs are also one of the healthiest food options of all times. Out of breakfast options? Flip an omlette or make a quick French toast. Besides breakfast, they are also a star ingredient in the baking world and so versatile – you can have them for lunch as a curry, for tea time as sandwiches or a quick bhurji for dinner. The list is endless and it is not quite possible to name all the dishes that can be made with eggs.


Today we are not just talking about how healthy or versatile eggs are, but in fact, we are going to tell you how to store these gems in the best way possible.We all know that each ingredient has a particular shelf life along with a right and wrong manner of storing them.Here, we are going to learn how to store eggs for maximum freshness and a longer shelf life.


Original egg cartons are the best

Never ditch the cardboard cartons in which you purchase eggs. They are designed to keep the eggs fresh, cushion them better and prevent them from absorbing flavours from other foods in the fridge. No matter how bad you want to transfer the eggs into the in-built plastic holder which came along with your refrigerator, don’t do it. They don’t do a good job protecting the eggs.


Stop yourself from washing them

We are sure you tend to wash the eggs as soon as you get home from grocery shopping. But, here’s a tip: Don’t! When eggs are laid, they are naturally coated with ‘bloom’ which helps to keep the bacteria away. Henceforth, if you want the eggs to stay fresh for longer, do not wash them unless necessary.


Follow the carton rules too

It’s great that you are storing the eggs in the carton, but the rules do not end here. You also need to make sure that the carton is closed at all times. This is an extra precaution to avoid any sort of odour from other foods to contaminate the eggs. But, here comes the interesting rule, you need to place the eggs upside-down in the carton. Though in our head, we think that it’s not the right way to do it, but trust us, it is! This helps in keeping the yolk centered, avoids breakage and also helps them to stay fresh for longer.


Placing in the refrigerator

Here’s comes another common mistake we all have done or are still doing all these years. Storing eggs inside the door of your refrigerator! Well, you should never keep them there since we randomly open the door a million times which affects the temperature of the eggs as well. It is said that eggs should be stored at a minimum temperature of 45°F or lesser. The ideal spot to store them is in the back side of the middle shelf in the refrigerator because it is the most consistent when it comes to temperature.



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