Eat to lose– 7 foods that help burn fat

Eating to lose weight sounds too good to be true but it is. Turns out some ingredients that have ov

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Eat to lose 7 foods that help burn fat

Eating to lose weight sounds too good to be true but it is. Turns out some ingredients that have over the years got a bad reputation for being unhealthy are in fact good for you. Take a look at these foods which help you burn down calories as you eat.

Losing weight is monkey business – go bananas

While bananas are rich in fibre and starch, they are also kind of rich in calories. They provide you with plenty of energy and a range of nutrients specifically loads of potassium and Vitamin B6 which help speed up metabolism in the body. It aids digestive health and prevents stomach problems. Including bananas in your diet while limiting other calorie rich food is a good idea to drop a couple of sizes. 

Go the whole mile

Whole grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice are great ingredients that definitely belong in a weight loss plan. They contain plenty of protein and fibre and much less carbs which is beneficial in losing weight, because you burn more calories while digesting proteins than carbs. It also gives you sustained energy, which keeps you energetic for much longer.

Shed pounds one sip at a time

Green tea contains catechins a type of photochemical that helps speed up metabolism. Around 5 -6 cups of green tea a day can help you shed those pounds much faster. Green tea contains caffeine which as a pigment helps burn fat. However it contains it in a very less, kind of perfect quantity, that gives you plenty of benefits without any harmful side effects. 

Spice things up to cut down weight

When you eat chilli peppers and other spices they create a thermo genic (warming) effect in your body which speeds up metabolism – so you are really scorching off the fat as your chew! Spices aid in utilizing food, by converting the calories into heat. One of the easiest ways to sweat it out!

Omega3 rich food – the good guys 

Not all fats are bad and Omega 3 rich foods like salmon, avocados, olive oil broccoli and kale etc. are the perfect examples of it. The mono saturated fatty acids present in them actually increase the working of the body fat burning hormones which in turn help burn harmful fat faster. So indulge in your guacamole stress free. 

Sweet potatoes – literally!

As opposed to potatoes, sweet potatoes come loaded with flavour, so it is very easy to keep away from the usual high calorie accompaniments that come along with it. Plus the fibre present in them curbs your appetite. Perfect food for a perfect waistline. 

A calorie burning snack, for real?

This deserves a special mention on this list only because you end up burning more calories while chewing on a stick of celery than you actually gain after eating it. In fact most veggies provide you with plenty of fibre and nutrients which are always welcome. So bring out that Bloody Mary (skip the vodka probably) and don’t forget your celery stick stirrer! 

Your metabolism kind of depends on your genetics and your lifestyle. So remember while these foods definitely speed up weight loss and metabolism they work best when accompanied by exercise, a healthy diet and productive daily routine. 

All the best with that weight loss plan!
Cook healthy.
Eat healthy.
Stay fit.