Eat clean, stay fit, live longer!

by Sanjeev Kapoor

Let’s give it to the millennials for the fact that they are a generation which is pretty much enthusiastic about eating the right way, read: healthy eating or eating light.  As much as they thrive on pizzas, burgers and pastas, they even try to include more greens in their diets and sometimes might actually opt for a kale salad or an avocado toast! Given the fact that we’re all part of this stressful world today, it’s actually a good thing to go light and choose the type of food for your body that will, in turn, provide the right kind of energy and nutrition. But, maintaining a wholesome, balanced diet is quite a challenge – be it for a millennial or anybody in general.  


The various concepts like vegan, keto, organic, etc. might not always be feasible for a person to adhere to. So, there are ways of tricking your mind into eating less and feeling just as full at every meal. For instance, instead of frying the food, one can opt for options like grill, bake, steam, poach and other similar ones.  


A few changes in your food shopping and eating habits can make a big difference. And here are some ways that we’ve got for you all, which will help you to maintain a lifestyle, less clustered, with health on-point! Read on…


  • Fibre is your friend – Recent studies indicate that a high fibre diet can reduce the risk of diabetes, prevent heart diseases and some types of cancer. It helps clear out the intestines, quickly, ensuring a clear system. As a plus, they are low in fats and filled with vitamins and minerals.  Fibre also keeps the body full for longer, which makes it perfect for people trying to lose weight. Although make it a point to increase your fibre intake gradually and not at one go. It does take some time for the human system to get used to a particular thing.
  • Water, water everywhere – Since water has no calories, it is advantageous for a person looking to keep their weight in check. And the right way!  Foods like lettuce, cucumber and watermelon have high water content, hence, less in calories and filling.
  • Refined, not so fine – Processed/refined foods are said to include more sugar, salt and fats, thus, calorie laden.   Canned juices, foods with added preservatives and the likes – your biggest enemies!
  • Natural all the way – Natural foods are loaded with nutrients that the body needs. They can be filling and thus, help in boosting the digestive function. They also help to nourish and protect the skin.
  • Sugar or sweetener – Using smaller quantities of sugar is better than using artificial sweeteners to disclude calories. Sweeteners tend to add to the cravings as well. However, the best is to use other alternatives like honey, jaggery, etc.  
  • Less is more - Eat in small portions, every 2  hours. Add more colour to your food by including different fruits and vegetables – these not only bring a sense of excitement, but, also bring in the nutrition factor in the best possible way. 
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MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor

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