Dive deep into the world of desserts!

by Sanjeev Kapoor

‘What’s for dessert?’ Are you one of those who constantly have this thought in their mind every time you’re enjoying a meal? There are 2 kinds of people in this world, one who save some room for desserts and the one who don’t. Honestly, I feel, the second category of people is quite a paradox!  C’mon who doesn’t love desserts? Well, even if you do or not, you’re  about to explore the world of desserts and take a cultural ride to satiate your sweet tooth and  fall in love with desserts, a little more. Rich, chocolaty, fruity, creamy and so much more, we’re going to present to you, the world’s favourite sweet delights.

Put on your reading glasses andget ready to jump into this dreamy world of desserts!


Banoffee Pie

The word ‘banoffee’ is a combination of two words, banana and toffee. The pie is stuffed with bananas, caramel and topped with loads of whipped cream with an outer crust of biscuits anda buttery base. It was originated in East Sussex in 1974 and the Brits can’t keep their hands off this one. If you ever happen to visit England, you’re going to spot this delish pie featured in the menu of every restaurant, bakery, patisserie and café.


The history of baklava is quite confusing and there’s an ongoing argument related to this between the Greeks and the Turks since ages. Layers of crispy puff pastry and crunchy nuts soaked in delicious sticky sweet sugar syrup, baked and cut into squares – baklavas are what have put Middle Eastern desserts on the global map. All the effort that goes into making a baklava is well worth it and you will know only once you have had your first bite…or maybe till you get to the last one!


Though this dessert is most popular in the Middle East, but it originated in Egypt. It is a melt-in-mouth, buttery cake prepared with semolina and generously sweetened with sugar syrup. Making it sounds simple, but getting the perfect texture is not a layman’s job. It is popular by other names like Hareseh, Namoura and Revani, and you can give it a twist with eggs, yogurt, coconuts and more. Here’s a basic Basbousa recipe which you can try at home.


When you can’t decide between various desserts, this one’s the best to go with. This sweet treat is popular in the US, Mexico and Canada as ‘campfire munchies.’ It is made with toasted marshmallows, chocolate pieces sandwiched between two graham crackers. The traditional way to prepare S’mores is in a campfire but you can make it in a microwave or oven too. The term ‘s’more’ is an abbreviation for ‘some more’ and we couldn’t agree less than this, ‘cuz once you try it, ‘gimme some more’ is all you’re going to say!


This one has a murky history too as to whether it came from Australia or NewZealand but one thing we’re sure about is thatit feels like a dream come true. Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert which is generously showered with copious amounts of whipped cream and summer berries. As eye treating as it looks, you can enjoy this creamy and delectable dessert literally anytime and everytime. It is served as a holiday or festive dessert in thesecountries but there’s no reason for you to not try it now. Go make it!



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