Decoding Table Manners

Today, we give you an insight on everything you need to know about table manners.Take a look!

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Decoding Table Manners

We all know there’s a wrong and right way of doing things. Just like every other thing, there exists a correct and incorrect way of dining. Psychology has already proven that your children will always copy what you do. And we don’t want you to teach them the wrong table manners. Eating etiquettes are very important whether you’re dining at home with your fam, your peers or at a fancy restaurant. 

Today, we give you an insight on everything you need to know about table manners.Take a look!

Always clean your hands before dining: This is one of the most basic but important bit you need to do before you proceed towards the dining table. This not only maintains your hygiene and health, but others too.

Ask if you can help: We’ve all grown up seeing our moms helping the host while dining at someone else’s house. It’s always a great gesture to help or at least ask if you can be of any help in some way.

How, when and where to put your napkin?If the host folds his/her napkin and puts it on their lap, it’s a cue for you to do it too. In case, you want to use the restroom or get up during the meal, put the napkin on your chair or to the left side of the plate and then leave.

Know when to start your meal: Now this is one of the most underrated table manners and can be confusing too. Always start eating when others have seated andhave been served. If there’s a toast, always wait till the person has completed their toast and till the glasses are ‘clinked.’

Utensil placement and order: The general idea is to pick up the farthest one and then follow your way inward to the center. Forks are always on the left, knives and spoons are always on the left. If you are in doubt as to how to go about it, always follow the host.

Give and take: While dining, the food is always passed counterclockwise.One should never reach across the table in an attempt to pass or ask for anything. In case you need anything, always request the closest person to the item. If someone asks for salt, always pass along pepper with it.

Chew food with a closed mouth: One of the most popular and essential table manners is to always chew food with your mouth closed. You don’t want to embarrass yourself and make it uncomfortable for the person sitting close to you.

Turn your mobile to DND: You should never talk over phone while dining with other people. It is a very rude habit to show that you’re interested more in your cell phone rather than the person’s company.

Compliment the food, never criticize: If you like the food, it’s always great to compliment the efforts of the person. In case you do not like it, it is preferred to not say anything or criticize it.

End it well: Do not stand up immediately after your meal is over, wait till others are done. Post meal, push the chair inwards and say thankyou to the host or the server if you’re at a restaurant.

Some additional things you can avoid…

  • Avoid placing the elbows on the dining table.
  • Do not blow your food and then eat, wait until it cools down.
  • Never speak while you’ve food in your mouth.
  • Do not overstuff your mouth with food.
  • Avoid using toothpicks at the dining table.
  • After eating, never leave the utensils on the table. Place ‘em on the plate.
  • Avoid burping or making any weird sounds at the table.