Cold Pressed vs. Refined coconut oil?

Which coconut oil is better for you?

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Cold Pressed vs Refined coconut oil

Coconut has been one of the most versatile and imperative food piece and is known universally for its health benefits. It is a complete package of daily needed richness, vitamins and minerals all in one for an average individual.

Indians grannies and mothers have never failed to champi us with coconut oil on Saturday nights. It has been widely used both for skincare and healthcare benefits. And in the Southern part of India, they have been using if for cooking since ages.

Coming to the cooking bit of it, we all have the refined coconut oil placed in the racks of our kitchen. But what we are not conscious about is that we have another variety of coconut oil which is the Virgin (Cold Pressed) coconut oil, available for cooking and both have its own pros and cons.

Antioxidant Strong

Considering the health factor, refined coconut oil is made from the dried coconut meat wherein the coconut is sterilized and extensively heated which somewhat washes out the antioxidant elements of it. Whereas, Cold pressed coconut oil is pressed and spooned out which leaves us with authentic coconut oil containing solid antioxidants for us.

Sautéing and Stir- Frying

Refined cooking oil has its own advantages and is great for stir-frying since it can be heated up to a temperature of 400 degrees and unrefined lacks on that element. It has a calm and neutral flavour as many people do not wish to have a strong flavour of coconut in their meals.

Aroma and Aftertaste

One of the major benefits of unrefined oil is the flavour and the aroma it carries with it when used in baking. The pure and natural milky taste which is slightly sweet and salty, both at the same time makes our cakes a little more crunchy and fresh. The refined oil on the contrary leaves behind a neutral smell and eliminates the natural flavour of the coconut.

The finishing and the most significant argument is which one is better? The answer would be both. They have a similar nutritional and balanced beneficial profile when it comes to health. Both are certified organic and contain 63% medium chain triglycerides. It’s completely one’s own choice to use either of them depending on the situation.

Let’s catch up with the Coco-nutting trend and live a healthy life.